Upcoming Android update will make it harder for busybodies to see your PIN

30 March, 2023 Android Updates

Upcoming Android update will make it harder for busybodies to see your PIN


Biometric security is superior compared to traditional PINs and passwords, simply because they cannot be guessed using brute force methods. But there are times when you might have to enter your phone's PIN to unlock it, like when you reboot it, or if for some reason your fingerprints aren't recognized.


If you're wary about entering your PIN in public, especially since you don't know if there could be some busybody snooping over your shoulder, then you're in luck. According to an upcoming Android update, Google has introduced a new security/privacy feature called "Enhanced PIN privacy".


Basically what this does is that it disables animations when you enter your PIN, making it harder for someone to see which numbers you could be pressing. Right now when users enter their PIN, the circle expands into a rounded square, which could give away your PIN combination to someone who might be peeking at your phone a bit too closely.


By disabling the animation, and if you're fast enough, it will make it a bit harder for people who might be looking over your shoulder. It's not exactly foolproof, but it's better than nothing. The feature is currently in the Android QPR3 Beta 2 which means it isn't available to the public yet, but it should make the cut in the next update (hopefully).


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