Apple iOS 8 Complete Official Change-log

3 June, 2014 Apple

iOS 8


Apple announced the iOS 8 yesterday, it's a major update to the iOS 7 with many new features and tons of improvements.


Here's the Full Change-log of the iOS 8 :


• Refined UI in multi-tasking, Mail, Messages, third-party sharing options among other system apps.

• Safari plugin support, bird-eye tab view for iPad

• iCloud Drive with 5GB free storage

• Third-party keyboards, adaptive default one

• Family Share - share and control the content across Apple IDs using the same credit card, children app purchase requests

• Handoff support with Mac OS X Yosemite - continuity from any iOS 8 iDevice to Mac OS X, instant automatic hotspot, SMS/MMS/iMessages and voice calls transition supported

• New Photos with smart editing, search, third-party filters

• Health pack

• Better Spotlight with automatic internet suggestions from popular services such as Wikipedia, Maps, IMDb

• Enterprise easy setup

• Better Siri with voice activation, Shazam integration, 24 new dictation languages

• Third-party widgets in Notification Center

• Updated App Store with category browsing, Beta apps, Bundles
• China gets lunar calendar, turn-by-turn navigation, better weather data

• Safari Private Browsing per tab

• Camera: Instant Burst Mode, Timer, separate focus and exposure, Panorama for iPad

• Integrated iBooks with auto night mode, Book Series support

• Battery usage per app statistics

• Tips app

• Rich Text Editing in Notes

• RSS Feeds in Shared Links

• Wi-Fi calling support

• Travel time notifications

• FaceTime call waiting

• Improved accessibility, In Case of Emergency card, TouchID to exit Guided Access, Braille keyboard

• Flyover city tours

• New keyboards, dictation languages and dictionaries

• Performance Enhancements





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