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Apple Music Classical Arrives for Android Devices


If you've ever wanted to try out Apple's approach to "classical" music streaming, then you might be thrilled to know that Apple Music Classical is now available for download on the Google Play Store. The app focuses on letting listeners enjoy a wide catalog of compositions and pieces from classical composers and musicians, and is separate from the "regular" Apple music app.


The app will be available to Apple Music users for free with no additional cost, and will come with support for up to 192 kHz/24 bit Hi-Res Lossless audio quality. In addition to the music itself, the app will also allow users access to composer biographies and key works, as well as "essential" playlists.


Apple Music Classical Arrives for Android Devices


Apple Music Classical's Play Store entry lists some requirements for Android users who want to try out the app:

  • Requires an Apple Music subscription (Individual, Student, Family, or Apple One). Not available with the Apple Music Voice Plan.
  • Available worldwide where Apple Music is offered, excluding China, Japan, Korea, Russia, and Taiwan. Available features and content may vary by country or region.
  • Apple Classical is available on all Android phones running Android 9 (‘Pie') or later.
  • To listen to music on Apple Music Classical, you must have an internet connection.
The app weighs in at around 20MB and is free for download, although users will need and Apple Music subscription as mentioned earlier.

Display leak for iPhone 16 Pro Max thinks about bigger screen to current model


We've proactively passed along the expression of dependable insider Ross Youthful, who is fellow benefactor and Chief of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC). Youthful says that the iPhone 16 Pro will highlight a screen somewhere in the range of 6.2 and 6.3 creeps while the iPhone 16 Star Max display will gauge somewhere in the range of 6.8 and 6.9 inches. In reality, Youthful says that he knows the specific size of the glass on the two gadgets and will share those numbers at an occasion not long from now. Youthful will likewise pass along the new perspective proportions for the 2024 iPhone Pro units.


To perceive how much greater the iPhone 16 Pro Max screen may be contrasted and the ongoing 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max (and the impending iPhone 15 Pro Max), 9to5Mac got Scoundrels (PC Supported Plans) showing how the 2024 first in class iPhone will have the bigger 6.9-inch display and will likewise be a portion of a mm thicker at 77.2mm. It likewise will be 5.2mm taller at 165mm.


The bigger display for the iPhone 16 Pro will purportedly permit Apple to stuff a periscope lens in the iPhone 16 Pro. The collapsed up camera utilizes reflected crystals to keep light from the lens pushing toward the picture sensor. The outcome is that clients will appreciate optical zoom at a level that would regularly be difficult to offer in light of the size imperatives of a smartphone.


Display leak for iPhone 16 Pro Max thinks about bigger screen to current model


Apple is supposed to make a big appearance its most memorable periscope lens on the iPhone 15 Pro Max this year and have it on both iPhone 16 Pro models one year from now. While at present the iPhone 14 Pro Max conveys 3x optical zoom, the periscope lens on the following year's iPhone 15 Pro Max could permit it to offer 5x-6x optical zoom.


It's memorable's difficult that the iPhone conveyed a 3.5-inch display until the iPhone 5 was delivered with a 4-inch display. At that point, Android phones were north of 5 inches and the Galaxy Note II highlighted a 5.5-inch display.


How enormous will iPhone screens get until we begin hearing that that's the last straw? For reasons unknown, I'm thinking 6.11-inch to 7-inch displays may be the extent to which we go. Taking into account that Apple kept the iPhone at a greatest screen size at 6.7 creeps for quite a long time (iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14, and iPhone 15), any change past 6.9 inches probably won't surface until after 2027.

iPhone 15 won't be sold in the EU in the event that it neglects to meet normal charger necessities


On the off chance that you are a tech fan, the Apple environment needs no presentation. For the longest of times, it has been the pride and force of the Cupertino organization. In any case, as of late, Apple has been vigorously reprimanded for its enemy of cutthroat way of behaving, particularly with regards to its restrictive Lightning connector.


The fight with EU administrators has been wild to the point that the organization has consented to leave its Lighting connector lastly progress to USB-C with the iPhone 15. In any case, Apple (being commonplace Apple) is searching for ways of dodging the regulation prerequisites. Fortunately, it appears to be the tech goliath won't pull off it.


As indicated by an article initially distributed by Pass on Zeit and accordingly covered by AppleInsider, gadgets that don't meet the normal charger prerequisites "won't be permitted on the EU market". The statement comes straightforwardly from Thierry Breton, a senior Brussels official.


Basically, the EU Commission is straightforwardly let Apple know that assuming the organization proceeds its arrangement of restricting the usefulness of the USB-C port of the iPhone 15, the gadget will be prohibited from perhaps of the biggest market on the planet.


For reference, various bits of hearsay have demonstrated that the Cupertino organization is investigating approaches to limiting specific USB-C elements to be open just when an exclusive Apple link is being utilized. Obviously, this nullifies the point of a typical charging port in any case.


This isn't the main time Apple's business system has experienced harsh criticism in the European Association. The following cycle of iOS will present sideloading interestingly, to guarantee the product consents to regulation requiring the execution support for outsider application stores.


There is a little proviso, be that as it may. As per Bloomberg's Imprint Gurman, just iPhones sold in the EU will get the new element. Maybe Apple will embrace a comparative methodology with the USB-C port.

Apple might show its selfish side with the following compact iPhone


The least expensive phone that you can right now purchase from Apple is the iPhone SE 2022. At a beginning cost of $429, it gets you a similar A15 Bionic chip as the $599 iPhone 13 small. Apple didn't resuscitate the iPhone smaller than expected last year, and that implies that the current year's most reasonable iPhone will probably begin at $799. For some time, there was trust that the iPhone SE will get a replacement in the near future. Be that as it may, assuming that another report is to be accepted, the overall population will not have the option to purchase the iPhone SE 4.


We have been hearing bits of hearsay about a more present day looking iPhone SE for well north of two years. It was normal to jettison the ongoing model's old plan and LCD screen. The latest report said that it could show up in 2025 with an in-house 5G modem.


Apple needs to save the iPhone SE 4 for itself

Notable insider Ming-Chi Kuo has discouraged that gossip. Evidently, the iPhone 14-like model idea to be the iPhone SE 4 was a designing model for an exclusively constructed 5G baseband chip. So despite the fact that Apple might deliver a few units for testing, the model won't ever be efficiently manufactured.


In a bid to lessen dependence on Qualcomm's 5G chip, Apple has been attempting to make its own modem. In the event that the iPhone SE model proceeds as planned, we might see a business Apple phone with an in-house 5G chip in 2025.


Apple needs to save the iPhone SE 4 for itself


Kuo hasn't said whether an iPhone SE is in Apple's predictable guide by any means. However, signs don't look extremely encouraging. We have heard various ever changing reports about the cancelation of the following iPhone SE. The ongoing model allegedly didn't get along admirably. Considering that the scaled down models were likewise not a triumph, it tends to be conjectured that the vast majority simply don't need little phones.


Apple's clients appear to be more into the pricier Genius models, which is clearly why the organization is preparing a Ultra model that will succeed the iPhone 14 Ace Max.

The iPhone 14 is improving in the U.S. than last year's iPhone 13, however not as well as the iPhone 12


Almost seven months into its rule as the ongoing iPhone series, the iPhone 14 line keeps on selling very well in the U.S. In light of the most recent report from Wave7 Exploration detailed by venture bank J.P. Morgan (through AppleInsider), the iPhone 14 Master Max is the top-selling iPhone model in the states. The report says that in general, the iPhone 14 keeps on surpassing the iPhone 13 in the U.S. during similar time spans.


On account of the arrival of the Samsung Cosmic system S23 series in February, that month saw the stateside piece of the pie of the iPhone decline from 69% in January to 62%. While not so high as the iPhone 12's 64% piece of the pie in February 2021, it best the 59% cut of the U.S. cell phone pie that the iPhone 13 claimed in February of the year before.


As we referenced, the iPhone 14 Ace Max is the top-selling iPhone in the states representing 19% of iPhone deals in the country. The iPhone 14 was next with a 18% offer followed by the iPhone 14 Ace and the iPhone 14 Or more with portions of the overall industry of 13% and 7% separately. The iPhone 14 Or more keeps on showing moderately unfortunate outcomes in spite of the way that it includes a 6.7-inch show and has the biggest limit battery at any point set inside an iPhone at 4325mAh.


The iPhone 14 is improving in the U.S. than last year's iPhone 13, however not as well as the iPhone 12


The iPhone 14 Or more is estimated at $899 settling on it a more reasonable decision for the individuals who need a huge screened iPhone with an enormous battery. It supplanted the iPhone 13 scaled down. The scaled down series appeared in 2021 with the iPhone 12 smaller than expected. The a lot more modest battery was viewed as one of the significant justifications for why this structure factor sold ineffectively in 2021 and 2022. However, even with the bigger battery controlling the iPhone 14 Or more, the last option has not sold enormously well.


Toward the finish of last year, the iPhone made up 70% of U.S. cell phone deals and that figure had declined to 69% by January not long before Sammy delivered its most recent lead series. That offer beat down the 67% possessed by the iPhone 13 series by then, and the 60% offer that the iPhone 12 line had gotten by January 2021.

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