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Apple iPad bezels to get slimmer with LIPO technology


Apple is planning to reduce bezels not only on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, as reported, but on future iPad models, as well. Thinner bezels - and ultimately, Apple's long-haul dream: a truly bezel-less device - are possible with the help of LIPO technology (not to be confused with Li-Po battery tech).


A Bloomberg piece hints at LIPO technology for the iPad, but it's not mentioned which sub-models of the popular tablet are to benefit from this hardware liposuction. The question of ‘when' is also not addressed, but given the fact that we're about to see LIPO technology in the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, we're surely not too far away from an (almost) bezel-less iPad.


LIPO is not LiPo

LIPO is short for ‘low-injection pressure overmolding', something it was used on the Apple Watch Series 7, which trimmed borders down and allowed for a larger display. Here's what Gurman's piece reads:


This year, two of the biggest changes to the iPhone 15 line will get Apple closer to that dream iPhone. The standard iPhone 15 models will trade in the notch for the Dynamic Island, while the Pro and Pro Max displays will be made with a new technology: low-injection pressure overmolding, or "LIPO" as it's dubbed inside Apple. [...] LIPO was first used in the Apple Watch Series 7 to make that device's borders thinner and increase the size of the display. And Apple plans to eventually bring the feature to the iPad as well, I'm told.


Although LIPO and LiPo consist of the same letters, upper case makes the difference. LiPo (abbreviated as Li-Po as well) is short for ‘lithium polymer battery' (a rechargeable battery of lithium-ion technology using a polymer electrolyte).


How to trim down 0.0275591 inches

Trustworthy Mark Gurman noted that the current 2.2mm bezel on the iPhone would be shrunk down to 1.5mm. In terms of Imperial measurements, the reduction is a total of 0.0275591 inches (from 0.086 inches to 0.059 inches).


0.027 inches might not be listed as an overwhelming change in your book, but remember - technology deals in nanometers (one inch is equal to 25,400,000 nanometers), so every atom of free space counts.

Dev Kits applications go out for new Apple VR Headset


Apple has exciting news for developers as they unveil the Vision Pro headset developer kit, now available for application through the company's website. This comprehensive kit comes complete with the Vision Pro headset, extensive support for setup, code-level assistance, and even valuable "check-ins" with Apple experts, offering invaluable guidance for app creation on visionOS.


Priority will be given to applicants working on apps that fully leverage the features and capabilities of visionOS, highlighting Apple's commitment to driving innovation within their ecosystem. So don't expect YouTube to be first of the list of apps you search for when getting your new headset.


However, Apple's emphasis on security cannot be overlooked. Recipients of the developer kit are required to strictly adhere to their "out of sight and locked away" policy, keeping the Vision Pro headset safe from unauthorized access at all times. This precautionary measure ensures the utmost protection of the technology is always kept in the right hands.


This isn't a program for just anyone those. Those who are keen on applying for the developer kit must meet specific criteria. Being an Account Holder in the Apple Developer Program is a prerequisite, and applicants will be required to showcase their team's development skills and demonstrate their existing apps.



In parallel to this initiative, Apple is organizing Vision Pro developer labs in various major cities worldwide, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among developers. The list of cities includes Munich, London, Cupertino, Tokyo, Singapore, and Shanghai. So if you're interested in being more hands on with others who are also using the tech, be sure to keep an eye out for Labs popping up in yoru area so you can join in on the festivities.


To further support developers, Apple has thoughtfully released a compatibility checklist, providing a valuable resource for ensuring that their apps are well-prepared for visionOS integration.


The eagerly anticipated Vision Pro headset is scheduled for release early next year in the United States, with a starting price point of $3,499. With the anticipation building, developers are enthusiastically gearing up to explore the vast possibilities of this cutting-edge device. Which has been poised to redefine the boundaries of app development and enhance the user experience in unimaginable ways. Where Apple will be successful in providing what they claim will have to be seen.

Apple makes it easier for shoppers to pick the Apple Watch case material best for them


Apple has revised the Apple Watch section of the online Apple Store. Noted first by AppleInsider, the first decision you have to make is whether you're going to buy a Series 8 Apple Watch, an Apple Watch SE, or an Apple Watch Ultra. Let's say your interest is in the Series 8. The next decision is whether you want an aluminum case with an Ion-X strengthened glass display, or a stainless steel case that includes a polished finish with a durable sapphire crystal display.


A new box asks "Need help choosing a case material? Tapping on that box reveals a pop-up showing the differences between aluminum and stainless steel side by side. The aluminum casing has a matte finish described as a "distinctive, flat finish that comes in multiple rich colors." As Apple says, "Made of 100% recycled aluminum, this case is the most lightweight. It's great for everyday activities and high-speed workouts like running."


Apple makes it easier for shoppers to pick the Apple Watch case material best for them


The more expensive stainless steel models feature a polished finish that have a "mirror-like, shiny finish [that] comes in classic colors for a refined look." According to Apple, "This polished case is made of 316L stainless steel, the same material used in luxury watches. It's great for a more upscale look."


Apple makes it easier for shoppers to pick the Apple Watch case material best for them


The aluminum model features an Ion-X Strengthened Glass Display that is scratch and crack-resistant. The stainless steel case comes with a Sapphire Crystal Display that is more crack resistant and more scratch resistant. Apple points out that a Sapphire Crystal Display is common in luxury watches. Speaking of the cases, there are now images of the different case materials in their various color options.


Apple makes it easier for shoppers to pick the Apple Watch case material best for them


While not new, there is still the usual comparison feature that asks "Which Apple Watch is right for you?" Tap on the link that says "Compare all models" and you'll see the features of all released Apple Watch models going back to the Series 1. The revamped site is available just weeks before Apple is expected to introduce the Apple Watch Series 9 and the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra in September alongside the iPhone 15 series.


Because of supply side issues, the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max were difficult to find during the Christmas season and to keep away from a rehash of that, Apple is reputed to start parts creation for the iPhone 15 sooner than the year before.


Chinese site IT Home reports that the Apple inventory network has begun getting ready for iPhone 15 sections creation. Prior reports had shown that large scale manufacturing would start in late June and the present report recommends that the main bunch of items will be prepared by July.


iPhone 15 set to be loaded by providers from July as Apple expects high deals


The report expresses that 'Apple has given a stocking request for the iPhone 15,' liable to stay away from the disturbances which brought about significant delays for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max a year ago.


The organization is supposed to be exceptionally hopeful about its approaching phones and anticipates that they should sell better compared to the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. The organization hopes to deliver 89 million units this year. Conversely, 78 million units of the iPhone 14 were sold during a similar period last year.


Per a prior report, Apple anticipates solid interest for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro.


Foxconn, Pegatron, and Luxshare will be efficiently manufacturing the phones, with the greater part of requests (60%) going to Foxconn.


The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will probably be controlled by another 3nm chip and could include a titanium outline. The best quality model is likewise prone to have a periscope fax camera to empower 5-6x optical zoom. Whether these progressions would be sufficient to assist the phones with dominating the ongoing best phones of 2023 is not yet clear.


The iPhone 15 and 15 Or more are supposed to get the iPhone 14 Pro's 48MP primary camera, dynamic island, and A16 Bionic chip, however will probably stay with 60Hz presentations.


The series could likewise include another programable Activity button as well as a USB-C port. Assuming that the past is any sign, the arrangement will be uncovered in September.

Apple Music Classical Arrives for Android Devices


If you've ever wanted to try out Apple's approach to "classical" music streaming, then you might be thrilled to know that Apple Music Classical is now available for download on the Google Play Store. The app focuses on letting listeners enjoy a wide catalog of compositions and pieces from classical composers and musicians, and is separate from the "regular" Apple music app.


The app will be available to Apple Music users for free with no additional cost, and will come with support for up to 192 kHz/24 bit Hi-Res Lossless audio quality. In addition to the music itself, the app will also allow users access to composer biographies and key works, as well as "essential" playlists.


Apple Music Classical Arrives for Android Devices


Apple Music Classical's Play Store entry lists some requirements for Android users who want to try out the app:

  • Requires an Apple Music subscription (Individual, Student, Family, or Apple One). Not available with the Apple Music Voice Plan.
  • Available worldwide where Apple Music is offered, excluding China, Japan, Korea, Russia, and Taiwan. Available features and content may vary by country or region.
  • Apple Classical is available on all Android phones running Android 9 (‘Pie') or later.
  • To listen to music on Apple Music Classical, you must have an internet connection.
The app weighs in at around 20MB and is free for download, although users will need and Apple Music subscription as mentioned earlier.

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