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Best budget accessories to enhance your iPhone


You've just bought a shiny new iPhone and you might be wondering how you can make the most of its features and protect it - after all iPhones are expensive. So, if you're looking for cheap accessories to enhance and protect your iPhone, then we've listed the best accessory options available to you.



Cases are used for multiple reasons including as a fashion accessory and extending battery life. However, there are multiple cases available that can protect your device from drops and damage as well as looking stylish. For increased protection, you should also consider a screen protector. These are usually cheap and help to prevent cracks and scratches to your screen.


Portable Chargers

We've all been there when we desperately need that Uber or digital bus ticket however panic sets in because we only have 2% battery left. Well this issue could be erased with a portable charger or power bank. There are various styles of power bank available, from ultra-portable and light to a heavy-weight high capacity version.


If you're in need of a case and power bank, then why not consider combining a case with a portable charger. Not only will it provide a layer of protection for your iPhone, it also contains a battery often powerful enough to charge from 0-100% and still have juice to spare.
It's always handy if you get into the habit of including a portable charger in your pocket or bag before you leave the house as you ordinarily would with other important items such as keys, wallet and face masks.



Although Apple's own AirPods are considered amongst the best around, paying $100's isn't suitable for everyone and most may not notice a big sound difference with cheaper alternatives. That's where doing some research online can really help provide value for money. What Hi-Fi is a great place to start and they have handy list of AirPod alternatives which may be a much more viable option for you and your wallet.


Wireless Charging

Most new iPhones are now compatible with wireless charging meaning you can just place your iPhone on a charging pad rather than fumble around in the middle of the night looking for the cable. Most wireless chargers have similar functionality but it's worth looking into how much power the charger can hold and how quick it takes to charge your phone.


Choosing accessories for your iPhone isn't easy and you should only buy what you can afford and what you think you'll actually need. Consider your budget when looking for accessories with a cheaper alternative usually available compared to expensive, well-known brands. You should do research before purchasing the accessories to make sure that you're getting it for the best price available, with good value for money from a product that works as described - critic and customer reviews are especially helpful for this.


Mobile phones in general can be expensive so protecting them is important. Just remember that signing up for a mobile phone must be affordable to you for the duration of the contract. However, everyone's circumstances change and if you find yourself struggling with your bills, then a credit option such as a short term loan could help see you through the month as long as you're sure you'll be in a stable financial position to pay it back.

Apple's 2020 occasion video stars perhaps the most recent gadget


Savvy Speakers have become an exceptionally well known occasion blessing. For the vast majority, setting up a keen speaker can be as simple as connecting its string to a source. In addition to the fact that it is anything but difficult to arrangement, it is likewise easy to utilize a savvy speaker which is basically a speaker and a computerized collaborator. So Apple chose to zero in its yearly occasion video on its two savvy speakers, the full estimated Apple HomePod and the HomePod smaller than usual.


The video stars rapper Tierra Whack and is classified "The enchantment of little accomplishment." As Whack strolls down the roads of the city on a swirling and cold night, she wears her AirPods Pro and streams several her tunes, "feel better" and "Peppers and Onions." After getting back, the melody is consistently moved to her HomePod and the rapper asks Siri to raise the volume. Out of nowhere, the $299 HomePod transforms into the HomePod smaller than usual. With its $99 sticker price (the size isn't the main thing more modest about the HomePod small), you can anticipate that this gadget should be found under a lot of trees this year. Whack before long meets a more modest scaled down variant of herself and that rapidly places her in the occasion mind-set.



No, this occasion video isn't as passionate as a portion of Apple's past Christmas cuts, yet it gives Apple's HomePod little keen speakers some genuine promotion time. At more than 2 minutes in length, we expect that Apple will do some in-your-face altering to permit the video to be appeared as a TV advertisement.


this holiday video is not as emotional


iMobie PhoneRescue introduction

In this article I will discuss with details about iMobie PhoneRescue. This will be a complete review on PhoneRescue a complete solution for your iPhone or any other iOS devices to recover data. So the solution provided by iMobie is best for you to recover your almost all types of files using PhoneRescue for iOS.


1. Recover from iOS Device

You can recover with PhoneRescue for iOS recover everything from iOS device. This mode is good for convalescent information like photos, messages, videos, and notes that you just might need deleted from your iPhone. Most of those varieties of recovery area unit done once you hadn't backed the info in iTunes or iCloud. So, connect the phone to your laptop with a USB cable and wait the "Your iPhone is connected" message to crop up on all-time low of the screen.


Recover from iOS Device


The software system takes some minutes to investigate your device reckoning on the dimensions of your recovery. Mine took but a second to recover regarding 2143 files. Everything from decision history, messages, attachments, contacts, notes, songs, and iPhone photos and videos was recovered.


Note: don't undo your phone once the method is current.


For an individual World Health Organization has used multiple recovery tools, PhoneRescue is incredibly effective. The complete method took some seconds and that I was ready here is recover guide an entire ton of knowledge. However, i used to be shocked that the software system listed each the recovered and existing information on the scan report. Not that it's a tangle; however it means it'll take you longer to retrieve a particular file from the pool of finds.


2. Recover from iTunes Backup

Unlike the previous model, convalescent from iTunes is suggested once you don't have your device in hand. Whether or not it had been broken in AN accident, stolen, or lost, you'll simply retrieve information from iTunes if you've got one hold on in your laptop. To urge started, choose "Recover from iTunes" and click on the arrow on all-time low right corner of the screen.


Recover from iTunes Backup


The software system analyzes your iTunes computer file and extracts the relevant information. Mine came up with 3456 files in a very very little over a second for Sandra's lost iPhone. PhoneRescue permits you to backup and restore any iOS device in minutes. Not like the inherent apple backup extractor, it permits you to preview the content and by selection restore your files. Also, this software system doesn't erase your current information like Apple iTunes.


3. Recover from iCloud

Like the "Discover from iTunes Backup" mode, this one works best once you have already got a backup of your iOS device on iCloud. To recover the info, choose "Recover from iCloud" and hit the button to continue. Within the new page, input your Apple ID and word to proceed.


Recover from iCloud


Select the particular backup from the list and transfer it. I found 564 files from the backup, and it didn't take the full day. However, I found it like, that you'll access on your iPhone while not revealing your Apple ID to a third-party. I don't understand you, however I don't significantly appreciate giving out my Apple ID, therefore I value more highly to use my iPhone's inherent cloud storage.


Pros & Cons of iMobie PhoneRescue

Obviously, iMobie PhoneRescue may be a reliable iPhone information Recovery that comes with several advantages. However, it still has some downsides. Below area unit some professionals and cons I've collected for your reference:


  • iMobie PhoneRescue provides four recovery modes to confirm higher likelihood of retrieving information.
  • It will extract information from iTunes/iCloud backup while not connecting iPhone, that is useful for device broken or lost.
  • The program additionally ensures a better quality of recovered files. You won't loss the first quality of photos and videos.
  • You will either restore lost information back to your iOS device or export them to a laptop for safe backup.
  • The interface of PhoneRescue is intuitive and easy, creating the recovery method terribly simple to follow and perceive.
  • The program discovers a lot of files than those you deleted, so creating it nerve-racking to seek out the things you would like to recover.
  • It offers a free trial version, however you'll solely check the interface and device compatibility. And also the worth of full version is over different information recovery tools within the market.


In this iMobie PhoneRescue review, you've learned that PhoneRescue is safe and effective as an iOS information recovery tool that you just will use to recover differing kinds of lost or deleted files from iPhone/iPad. However, there's a touch snag to victimization PhoneRescue - I've tested its information recovery method to be a touch complicated, as you'd have determined higher than.


Credit: Apple's Website

On October 13th, 2020, Apple hosted an event unveiling "the world's smallest, thinnest, lightest 5G phone": the iPhone 12 Mini. This phone was marketed for everything from its compact size and new designs to its impressive nighttime camera mode. In 2020, Apple has presented the world with four new iPhones to the public (impressive after the release of the iPhone 11 series in 2019), which are the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max (only released as recently as November 13th).

This new iPhone series gained a lot of popularity due to its promise of insane bandwidth speed, but it is a wonder to most people how much Apple changed with this new iPhone release. Also, with the iPhone 12 Max Pro standing as the most expensive phone on the market currently, it is curious whether it would be worth the investment. In the month following its release, users have had plenty of time to try the new release and review whether it was a hit or not. Read on to see whether any of the phones in the iPhone 12 series are worth the purchase, or whether you should hold onto your current phone (and money).

5G Support

Each model in the iPhone 12 series is guaranteed to support "5G in the sub-6GHz spectrum," according to FastCompany's article "Only One of Apple's New iPhone's Supports the Fastest 5G." A big plus of this includes faster streaming, less lag, and FaceTiming using only cellular data instead of being connected to a WiFi network. Apple gives you the option to toggle between 5G and 4G network, which greatly impacts battery life.

Smaller, Faster, Advanced Processing Chip

Apple also totes the A14 Bionic, supposedly the fastest chip in any smartphone on the market. Combined with the 5G, this would make your new iPhone comparable to a new computer or iPad, processing 11 trillion operations per second. This chip claims to be the "first" of its kind in the industry by Apple. It is smaller, lower in power consumption per the amount of work output and 40% higher processing than its predecessor, the A13 Bionic.

Updated Camera

According to Apple's website, both the wide and ultra-wide cameras are complete with night mode - making for some incredible night pictures. The new wide camera mode captures 27% more light, creating brighter, clearer and sharper images in the daytime and at night. Apple has introduced a new camera that is on par with a Nikon DSLR, a feat many mainstream smartphones have been trying to achieve. "[The] first camera ever to record in Dolby Vision," Apple has announced on their website.

Battery Endurance

Considering their size difference and smaller batteries, the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 have both passed a battery test with decent battery life expenditure. A battery life test consists of playing back videos nonstop (on 5G) from 100% battery life until it dies and seeing how long the battery life lasted. The iPhone 12 mini lasted seven hours and twenty-five minutes, the iPhone 12 lasted eight hours and twenty-five minutes (ten hours and twenty-three minutes on 4G), the iPhone 12 Pro lasted nine hours and six minutes (eleven hours and twenty-five minutes on 4G) and the iPhone 12 Pro Max lasted ten hours and fifty-three minutes. The iPhone 12 Pro Max nearly beat the Galaxy S20 Ultra's twelve-hour and three-minute reign.

The Cons

With Apple raising the bar in just about every category of modern cell phone improvement, it still tried to combine the old iPhone design with the new one. With just about every smartphone trying to make their design bigger and thinner, the iPhone went back to its roots with a smaller design in the iPhone 12 mini. This could be a pro or a con but only time will tell.

However, it doesn't seem that people love the sleek metal design combined with the small size as this makes for a looser grip on your (very expensive) phone. Apparently, the new edges are also sharpened, and several users have reported gripping their phones too tight and scarred their palms.

While Apple has tried to improve the battery life of the iPhone 12, it appears that this has fallen through with the creation of a smaller battery. Several users have claimed they have needed to charge their phone several times during the day, most likely due to however they use their apps and functions. Many people have also reviewed that they haven't experienced a huge leap in faster processing with any of the iPhone 12's, except the iPhone 12 Pro Max.


Overall, it appears like most people can save their money on the newest addition to the iPhone family. Unless you are a diehard Apple fan who updates their phones with each new release, you might want to hold onto your iPhone 8 a little longer. On a sidenote, if your Apple device has trouble with oracle form migration, you might find your solution here and how to fix it!


iphone 12 mini


Apple iPhone 12 mini may seem the smallest one in the iPhone 12 series but you can't underestimate its power. The mini is a fantastic little device that shouldn't be ignored. it is lightweight, features a compact design, has a stunning display, great cameras that can capture DSLR-like images, and powerful processors are all big. The iPhone 12 series comes in four models: the iPhone 12, the 12 Pro, the Pro Max, and this, the iPhone 12 mini. One of the major differences between these four mobile phones is their physical size.


The iPhone 12 mini is the smallest and perhaps the cute one for some people. It features an all-screen front display, unlike the iPhone SE which also happens to be small. With most smartphones getting bigger and bigger for quite some time now, Apple took a completely different route. It might be called mini but there isn't anything mini about this phone when it comes to performance, speed, and amazing camera. It is the device that you would love to hold in one hand and make you appreciate small things in your life. The iPhone 12 mini has a black, white, blue, green, and red finish with 131.5 x 64.2 x 7.4mm / Weight: 135g. The phone has IP68 water and dust resistance. The phone features an identical design to the largest iPhone 12 - just in a small size.


The phone has a 5.4-inch, Super Retina XDR, 1200nits, 60Hz display refresh rate with 2340 x 1080 pixel resolution (476ppi), and HDR, True Tone, Haptic Touch. Apple TouchID device has a 4.7-inch display screen, while the iPhone 12 mini has a 5.4-inch display, incredibly large enough for a small device. The iPhone 12 mini has similar camera specs as you will find on iPhone 12, with 12MP being a primary camera.


It is the same two wide-angle lenses and a 12Mp ultra-wide lens that you will find on iPhone 12 Pro, but the pro model has also a third telephoto zoom lens, allowing for 2x optical zoom. There is also Night mode on the front and rear camera with Deep Fusion and TrueDepth technologies that allows amazing selfies even at night. In good conditions, you can take amazing shots with iPhone 12 mini.


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