Apple just confirmed the dates for WWDC 2024

27 March, 2024 Apple

Apple just confirmed the dates for WWDC 2024


While we're Android fans here, if there's one event we do look forward to every year, it would be Apple's WWDC event. This is because it's nice to see what the competition is up to. Also, since tech companies love to borrow ideas from each other, who knows, maybe some iOS features could eventually find its way to Android. That being said, Apple has since confirmed the dates for WWDC 2024.


According to Apple, WWDC 2024 will take place from the 10-14 June, 2024. The first day is the keynote where the major announcements will happen. Apple hasn't confirmed anything yet, but based on past events, WWDC will probably see Apple announce the next major iOS update, iOS 18. Apple will also most likely announce updates to watchOS, iPadOS, macOS, and maybe tvOS.


We're particularly excited about iOS 18. This is because the rumors are claiming that this could be the biggest iOS update in the company's history. It is also rumored to see Apple introduce brand new AI features. This would allow them to finally catch up to the likes of Google and Samsung.


It is also rumored that iOS 18 could offer more customization options, bringing them more in line with what Android already offers its users. We doubt there will be hardware announcements at the event, but either way, check back with us in June for more updates!


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