Apple iOS 8 Concept shows Widgets on Apple Devices [Screenshots]

31 May, 2014 Apple

iOS 8


This isn't the first time that a designer has tried to come up with an Appley way to add widget-like functionality to iOS 8, and it likely won't be the last time either. But, when it comes to concepts, we always prefer when a designer really puts quality thought into how a company would approach an issue, rather than just building an unrealistic concept based on desire. Jay Machalani has done exactly that with his "Blocks" concept.


iOS 8


The idea is simple: Android has widgets, Windows Phone has live tiles, so what would Apple's solution be? The idea is actually quite a bit like the iOS widget concept that we saw from Jan-Michael Cart back in 2011.


Blocks are basically a hybrid of live tiles and widgets, where you would be able to pinch-and-zoom on any app icon to display more info, or leave the larger Block active to allow for live updating of info or easy access to media controls.





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