Apple iPad 4 brings Nothing New, iPad mini is a SMALLER iPad 2

24 October, 2012 Apple

iPad 4 and iPad mini


The Apple iPad mini is now official. After the shockingly announcing of the iPad 4 and discontinue of the "New iPad", Many angry fans on twitter and facebook just bought the iPad 3 and only 6 months after, it gets canceled and replaced while the iPad 2 continues!


iPad mini


iPad mini

Now, as the excitement starts to slowly fade away let's take a look at all of its new features. Most of them aren't really new, The iPad mini have the same iPad 2 screen resolution (No Retina display!), the same A5 processor but with a smaller 7.9" screen, lighting connectivity, and a 5MP camera instead of 2MP from the iPad 2.


iPad mini Full Specifications



iPad 4


iPad 4


Apple iPad 4 brings Nothing New to the "New iPad" aka iPad 3, It has the same Retina display resolution, Same design, Same weight, Same Camera, Same size, Same Battery life.




The only different is the A6X chip (2x performance) and lighting connectivity. That's it! May be Apple is running out of ideas.


iPad 4 Full Specifications



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