Apple to correct iOS 7.1.2 Calendar bug with 7.1.3 update

6 July, 2014 Apple

iOS 7.1.2


A person who lives in the Lithuania region, has noticed something odd about the calendar on iOS 7.1.2. After setting the proper region on his Apple iPhone 5s and Apple iPad Air, the calendar application on both devices listed the wrong regional holidays. Instead of seeing the holidays in his region for 2014, the holidays for Mexico, Hong Kong, and Canada appeared.


Many users sent Apple emails explaining ad reporting the bug they are facing, one of them posteda video on YouTube. Meanwhile, Apple sent them a response to his e-mail, which stated that there is a software issue with the calendar, which will be resolved with the next update. So, if you have experienced this issue for yourself, don't worry.


Apple response


It will all be resolved with iOS 7.1.3 update, although no timeframe for that update was mentioned by Apple.


Bug Video


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