Are Smartphones Better for Gambling than Laptops?

10 April, 2020 Gaming



We are living in a time when smartphones and tablets have become almost as fast and capable as entry level desktops and laptops, with some of them like the iPad Pro even outperforming certain fully fledged models with ease! This brings us to the question, are smartphones really better than laptops and desktops for online gambling in 2020?

The Answer is Yes, for the Most Part

When it comes to traditional gaming, the PC is still unmatched, but that's only because those are games that are designed to maximize every ounce of power inside those massive CPUs and GPUs. As far as casino games are concerned though, it really doesn't matter at this point.

If you have a high end or flagship smartphone, then you can have just as good an experience on it while playing card games, slot games and trying your luck at any other online casino game, as you would on a high-end gaming laptop or desktop. Online casino websites, apps and HD software installations neither need, nor can take advantage of the graphical advantage which gaming PCs have over even the most powerful smartphone in existence today, so the difference in smoothness or overall experience is non-existent.

Casino Game Developers have Started Putting the Mobile Platforms Ahead of Windows

It's true that today, there are actually more options for mobile slot gaming than there is on any of the desktop platforms. Not only are popular online casinos making mobile or app versions of their casinos, but game developers themselves are making more dedicated mobile slots than exclusive browser slots. As a matter of fact, you will be hard pressed to find too many desktop gaming slots that are not available for Android and/or iOS devices as well, but you will find plenty of exclusive mobile slot gaming options for iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and Android tablets quite easily.

Do Smartphones Really Have Any Advantages Over Laptops and Desktops?

So far, we have only discussed the similarities and compatibilities, but what about advantages? There has to be a reason why developers have now made mobile phones their priority. Of course there is, or it simply wouldn't make any business sense whatsoever! As to what those advantages are exactly, let's take a look.

Everyone has a Smartphone

Almost everyone in the civilized world has access to a smartphone these days, and almost 100% of the online casino industry's target audience has one or more smartphones and tablets that they use regularly. However, the same can be said about laptops, because smartphones and tablets are not yet in a position to replace laptops and desktops for work.

If you are someone who works in this digital age and gambles online, it would be very unlikely for you to not at least have a laptop. Therein also lies one of the main reasons why mobile phones are winning over their larger, more powerful counterparts, as ideal companions for online gamblers.

A smartphone is by mental association, something that people use for leisure mostly, while laptops and desktops are workhorses. Playing slot games on smartphones just feel more intuitive than it does on laptops or desktops, because the former is associated with leisure more, while the latter is now only used by most people for actual work.


Mobile phones are designed to bring mobility to everything digital. The fact that you can play PUBG, Fortnite, blackjack, poker, slots, live casino games and everything in between, while traveling to another part of the globe on an aeroplane, or while sitting on the john is an advantage that puts the smartphone leagues ahead of traditional computers.

Perhaps the only advantage which big computers have over their smaller brethren is that of screen size. Smartphones have huge 6 - 7 inch screens these days, but even at that size, they should ideally pale in front of a 15.6 inch laptop display, or a gigantic wide screen monitor at 38-inches! However, tablets offer a more feasible solution to this disadvantage, while keeping the costs down. Nobody spends thousands of dollars on building a gaming and editing PC, couples it with a 1440p, 10-bit panel with 240hz refresh rate, just to play casino games! Playing gorgeous casino games on the 120hz display of the iPad Pro or the Super AMOLED display of the Tab S6 however, makes natural sense and the mobile slots look absolutely stunning and feels natural on those perfectly sized screens.


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