Are Some Galaxy S8/S8+ Units Restarting by themselves?

28 April, 2017 Samsung

Samsung has only just started to address the red tinge issue seen on some Galaxy S8 and S8+ displays from yesterday with a firmware update that has been released in Europe and South Korea so far, but the two smartphones are allegedly facing a more disturbing problem already. Some S8 and S8+ users have gone on XDA and the Samsung US community page to talk about an issue where the smartphones seem to be restarting by themselves without any input from the user.

Apparently it is happening to both the S8 and S8+. While some users have suggested a temporary fix by removing the micro-SD card from the expansion slot, it is unclear at this point as to if this really is a solution or not since some of the users are saying that even after removing the memory card, their phones keep restarting automatically just as before.

While the red tint problem is likely something that can be fixed simply by adjusting the RGB balance (or at least that's what Samsung is saying anyway!) and doesn't really affect the experience too much, a restarting phone can be a deal breaker. Let's hope that Samsung is able to address the issue fast with yet another OTA update.

Via: Android Authority

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