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Are live dealer casino games available to play for free?

12 October, 2021 Gaming

Are live dealer casino games available to play for free?


As the internet boom happened in the mid-1990s, traditional casinos started to transition online, and many people were worried that the slow decline would turn into a plummet. After all, wouldn't gamblers lose the unique atmosphere and excitement of physical casinos if they were just playing from their own homes?


However, as it turned out, it went completely the other way. The people that predicted online casinos to fail could not have been more wrong. The online gambling industry is a multi-billion pound industry and millions of people play online, not just in the UK, but all over the world - visit


How live casinos are filling the gap in the market

Firstly, before we start, we need to establish exactly what it is we're talking about. Just what is a live casino?


In short, live casinos simply offer the opportunity to play your favourite casino games with real "human" dealers instead of having a computer chip to the interacting with you. These real human dealers are in special studios with video cameras, and the game is broadcast out to whoever is involved remotely.


You can interact with the dealer and even the other gamblers by using the chat function. It has all the benefits of a traditional casino, but all the comfort of you being on your sofa at home.


Are live casinos and online casinos the same thing?

Although similar, live casinos and online casinos are not interchangeable. If you're playing via a live casino, you're participating remotely, interacting with real people.


However, playing on an online casino is simply playing on a computer game, controlled by a computer chip. If you roll the dice playing on an online casino, it's determined by a random number generator (RNG). Crucially though, if you're playing via a live casino, the dealer will physically roll the dice.


Live casinos could be the stop gap before VR takes over

As you'll undoubtedly know, games designers and software producers are pushing the line all the time. Online betting games are improving all the time, and the UX (user experience) is staggering.


This digital evolution means that all the benefits of traditional casinos can be simulated from your mobile device. Live casinos are essentially plugging the gap between being in a physical casino, and total VR immersion. You're playing from the comfort of your home, but interacting with humans using cameras.


Are live casinos free to use?

Although many people enjoy playing online casino games in free demo mode, you won't be able to play live casino games for free.


The main reason for this is because live dealer games are quite expensive for the casinos to run. They have to supply the equipment to broadcast the game, and then pay the dealer a salary to oversee the game.


If you want to give live casino games a try, you will have to place real-money bets. This then helps the casino cover the cost of running the games.


If it's free demo games you're looking for, any online casino will offer you the chance to play slots games and table games without spending money. However, they won't be live games run by a human dealer.


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