Baffling dark circles surface on some Pixel 6 series units

13 January, 2023 Google

Baffling dark circles surface on some Pixel 6 series units


A few Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro clients are standing up on Reddit about a strange dim circle that appears on the displays of their Pixel 6 series handsets. A photograph posted by Redditor Spirited_Cabinet_992 shows a Pixel 6 Pro with a dim circle or right on the money the display. Others announced disliking their 2021 Pixel models albeit the agreement was that with the screen on, the spot was not apparent while gazing directly toward the screen. Notwithstanding, it is seen while survey the display from the side or with the display shut off.


A few clients said that the spot seemed as though it was made via air or dampness caught under the glass. One more hypothesis came from Reddit supporter The_Face_Of_Ben who posted about his significant other's Pixel 6: "My better half has something almost identical on her P6. I read some place citrus extract can harm the screen covering. She had been making a lemon cake a couple of hours before we spotted it, so I'd say there is a decent opportunity that was all there was to it."


It appears to be that this issue could have been around for some time. A year prior, some Pixel 6 clients were trading stories on Reddit about spots found on their screens that were portrayed as seeming to be air bubbles. Be that as it may, no screen security had been added to the gadget. One Pixel 6 proprietor considered numerous as 12 little spots on his phone's display.




One Pixel 6 client who has the handle Current-Cupcake842 on Reddit had the option to see what made the spots show up on his phone, "I got two spots as well, and I realize what is for my situation, I vape, I perceived how a drop of fluid fell on the screen and left the stain, it appears to be that the oil defender of the screen is terrible."


Fortunately for most Pixel 6 series clients, the issue doesn't appear to be basically as broad as others. And, surprisingly, however the spot probably won't divert clients from survey the screen straight ahead, it actually is observable from the side and when the phone is switched off. Furthermore, for certain clients, simply realizing that a spot or spots are there is sufficient to diminish the happiness regarding claiming the phone.


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