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Can you Cheat Slot Machines Online?

21 August, 2021 Gaming

Can you Cheat Slot Machines Online?


Have you ever been playing your favourite slot machine such as Fruit Blast game and had the thought, ‘I wonder if there is some sort of cheat code for this...' - after all, that would result in free money right!?


Well, we're going to be taking a look at slot cheats of the past and whether you can still cheat slot machines online in 2021! Read on to find out more about:


- Coin Hacks of the past

- Digital slot machine hacks

- Cheating online slot machines today


Coin Hacks

Coin operated slot machines are pretty sophisticated these days, but this wasn't always the case. We have all seen characters in cartoons and films try this one - the YoYo trick.


Step 1: Attach a coin to a piece of string

Step 2: Deposit the coin to initiate the slot machine

Step 3: Immediately snap the coin back and retrieve your hard-earned money!


We've all thought of it, but did you know this used to actually work!? However, with this trick no longer working, there are certainly ‘strings attached'! Anyone still determined to cheat the slots were forced to wait for technology to advance, such as in this next case.


The Big Slot Cheat of 2014

That last cheat may seem somewhat old-fashioned, so you may be surprised to know that one of the most critical hacks was finally put to bed just over five years ago! Russian hacker Murat Bilev successfully milked the Aristocrat slot-machines of the USA after discovering a pattern in the PRNGs. Bilev had a slot-hacking app on his smartphone which told him everything he needed to rinse the casino. Unsurprisingly, it did not take long for the authorities to catch up with him, and ultimately, he did casinos a favor by discovering a security flaw and improving it. Thanks a lot, Bilev!


So, what does this all mean for online slots? Are there cheats?

Honestly - not really. There were a small amount of online cheats and hacks in the early 00's, but every time somebody successfully uses one of these hacks, companies discover ways to combat it. Unfortunately, when it comes to online slot machines there really are not many options these days. Online and digital slots all have sophisticated regulations and the RNG's do all the work - there's nothing you can really manipulate or change. The only way that you could possibly cheat slot machines in 2021 is if you were in cahoots with the person who programmed the slot machine. In this event, perhaps you would unveil a slot machine secret, but don't get involved - that would be highly illegal!


Cheating Slot Machines in 2021

Overall, there sadly are no options for cheating online slot machines in 2021. The nature of the websites and software makes it essentially impossible, so don't waste your time trying. However we have to ask - why would you even need to cheat when the special offers these days are just so huge - they're practically giving money away! If you really want an online slots cheat, we suggest you make use of all the no deposit sign up offers available - and it's 100% legal!


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