Chameleon Colour Innovation astonishes at MWC 2023

1 March, 2023 Technology

Chameleon Colour Innovation astonishes at MWC 2023


At the point when we generally think and discuss cell phones we are almost continuously discussing the tech front and center and what our screens show. While there has been a few fascinating takes on what ought to be on the rear of a few PDAs none have truly nailed the finish.


One of my #1 transformations what of the Yotaphone as far as possible back in 2016, where they were paring a full colour screen on one side with an e-ink show on the back. From that point forward you can get different choices to use the rear of your telephone like the ROG telephone having a little screen on the back. Or on the other hand applying cases or different extras that can give you various encounters. Yet, nothing as powerful as colour changing on the fly.



There has just been one item by Tecno Camon 19 Star, which somewhat must be believed to be accepted. Contingent upon its openness to UV the boards on the back change colour from an exhausting white to a variety of pastel tints. Mr Versatile otherwise known as Michael Fisher, has a splendid hands on with both the Techno Standard and the ROG telephone to flaunt the backs.


Tecno flaunted a greater amount of this innovation at MWC this year with its chameleon colour innovation. Not quite the same as the boards from the Camon, this uses an exceptional kind of crystal innovation that permits light to be dissipated off it making the colour you want. With these electronically controlled miniature crystals implies that you can choose north of 1600 unique colours that can change inside 0.03 seconds.


This offers you vast chances to redo your backplate anyway you wish, meanwhile tasting on your battery. Tecno expresses that at the moment it just takes a similar degree of charge as a 5 moment transferred video, which is great assuming that is what this present reality application is like.


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