Chrome World Wide Maze - Turn the web into a phone

22 March, 2013 Applications

If you have a smartphone that is running on a higher OS version such as iOS 5 or Jelly Bean, you can now enjoy a new game using the World Wide Maze. This application lets you convert a website into a 3D puzzle.

To play the World Wide Maze, update your Google Chrome and using Chrome Tab Sync, match it with a smartphone that has a higher OS version. Enter the code that you will be provided and search through the World Wide Web to find your perfect maze. You can even convert you own site into a marble-based maze.

A site that has plenty of images is an excellent choice. It will then be converted by Chrome into a multi-level maze and you can use your phone's accelerometer to maneuver a ball through the maze. A video demo can be seen on Android Central and if you're not too busy, you can try it to see how cool it really is.



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