Dev Kits applications go out for new Apple VR Headset

25 July, 2023 Apple

Dev Kits applications go out for new Apple VR Headset


Apple has exciting news for developers as they unveil the Vision Pro headset developer kit, now available for application through the company's website. This comprehensive kit comes complete with the Vision Pro headset, extensive support for setup, code-level assistance, and even valuable "check-ins" with Apple experts, offering invaluable guidance for app creation on visionOS.


Priority will be given to applicants working on apps that fully leverage the features and capabilities of visionOS, highlighting Apple's commitment to driving innovation within their ecosystem. So don't expect YouTube to be first of the list of apps you search for when getting your new headset.


However, Apple's emphasis on security cannot be overlooked. Recipients of the developer kit are required to strictly adhere to their "out of sight and locked away" policy, keeping the Vision Pro headset safe from unauthorized access at all times. This precautionary measure ensures the utmost protection of the technology is always kept in the right hands.


This isn't a program for just anyone those. Those who are keen on applying for the developer kit must meet specific criteria. Being an Account Holder in the Apple Developer Program is a prerequisite, and applicants will be required to showcase their team's development skills and demonstrate their existing apps.



In parallel to this initiative, Apple is organizing Vision Pro developer labs in various major cities worldwide, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among developers. The list of cities includes Munich, London, Cupertino, Tokyo, Singapore, and Shanghai. So if you're interested in being more hands on with others who are also using the tech, be sure to keep an eye out for Labs popping up in yoru area so you can join in on the festivities.


To further support developers, Apple has thoughtfully released a compatibility checklist, providing a valuable resource for ensuring that their apps are well-prepared for visionOS integration.


The eagerly anticipated Vision Pro headset is scheduled for release early next year in the United States, with a starting price point of $3,499. With the anticipation building, developers are enthusiastically gearing up to explore the vast possibilities of this cutting-edge device. Which has been poised to redefine the boundaries of app development and enhance the user experience in unimaginable ways. Where Apple will be successful in providing what they claim will have to be seen.


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