Disadvantages of Chatroulette

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Dating online is not easy. Naturally, it has many disadvantages. The person can't predict whom he will meet online. That is why many people are not big fans of spontaneous online dating.

This type of dating, however, evidently has some advantages. If the person wants to date online, he has to accept all the pluses and the minuses of the love meetings online. If you want to try and find a romantic partner on a dating website check chatroulette coomeet.com and make your own opinion about how the service works.

The Main Disadvantages Of Chatroulette

Chatroulette is one of the types of dating online. It is even more risky than other regular online dating. Here are some major disadvantages of it:

        It is anonymous. The chatroulette does not require the users to register the full user profile. There is no need to indicate the age or education. The person only has to create a username. That is why there are many users named ‘the Stranger'. Unfortunately, some people create the fake profiles. The chatroulette websites do not check if their users are real persons.

        It is random type of chatting. Regular online dating websites enable the people to choose with whom to chat. The chatroulette service works according to the roulette principle. That means no one can predict whom the system will choose to communicate with. You have no any idea whom you will meet online.

        It is open to everyone. Some people prefer to chat with the people from the limited number of countries. The chatroulette, however, is open for the users from all over the world. So, you can meet European, Asian or American citizens there. The is no possibility to filter the profiles by country.

        It provides no possibility to meet again on the same resource. So, if the users do not exchange contacts, they will lose each other.

        The user can leave the chat any time. That is another feature of chatroulette. If the user doesn't want to continue chatting, he can simply log out. It is quite unpleasant if the user stops communication without telling why.

        For some people it is quite stressful to meet unknown people. In regular online dating the users can study the profile of the men or woman they like. It helps the person to prepare to the online dating. In chatroulette the users can't predict whom he will meet.

        The people can get lost online. If the person uses regular online dating websites, the systems memorises the chats history of the users. So, you can ask the girl for the next online date. In chatroulette dating is harder.


These are the main disadvantages of chatroulette. However, such type of dating has many advantages. It is really possible to find true love in chatroulette. The person only has to be patient and self-determined.


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