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24 October, 2019 Technology

Europe leading telecommunications


Have you ever wondered what would have happened, if you are unable to communicate effectively with your friends and colleagues within and outside Europe?

You might not be able to conduct successful webinars and video conferencing if the telecommunication industry had not made it easy for you.

Since telecom tech has conquered the world with its advanced technology, Europe is not far behind and making an impact with,

       AI and Advanced Analytics

       AR and VR to boost mobile data

       5G using New Radio millimeter wave technology

       Internet of Things

With an expected 120 telecom operators in Europe as compared to 3 in China, Europe is successfully serving 741 million people. However, where this competition among 120 operators is pushing them to move forward, there are some over regulations as well.

Revenue Generated By Telecom Sector

If we look at the revenue generated by the European telecom industry is not up the mark as compared to the other world.



Where Asia has faced an increase of 8.6% from 2016, and North America of 3.1%, Europe has increased its revenue by 3.3%.

A detailed look at European revenue generation from the telecom industry shows that Europe has faced a backward phase after 2011. But this year, this fall is broken, and the sector started to increase its revenue again.



"The major reason for the decline was Chinese companies started to create an impact in Europe. Huawei and ZTE cover a lot of equipment market in Europe. However, Europe has planned to eliminate China from the market following the U.S. The amount required to do so is $62 billion. For the purpose, $2.9 billion is spent annually in the last three years, and that might be the reason for a little increase in revenue for the past three years." - Analyzed by the Financial Thesis Writers from Academist Help.

Major Telecommunication Technologies in Europe

The telecommunication industry across the world is working on enhancement and advancement of 5G technology because 5G can connect the world with several objects, streaming high-resolution videos, and driving an auto car.

Europe is no doubt working on achieving the best in this field. Let's look at some of the major technologies on which Europe is currently focused on.

1. Laser-Based 5G Communications Technology

To meet the higher level of communication speed, laser technology is being set up by different companies in Europe. HighTechXL and Aircision are the two big startups that are focused on high-speed acceleration.

2. Wireless Technology

We are making the most of wireless technology. However, there is a lot more to do. Blu Wireless Technology is keen to lift Europe by providing 5G solutions. They use a spectrum from the mmWave band.

3. Micro and mmWave Technology

Different companies in Europe are trying their level best to utilize radio frequency and wave technology to bring innovation in telecommunication space. Among them, Arralis from Ireland has a prominent name. Its products are used in a global and space environment. Also, they work in partnership with the world's largest aerospace and different internet security companies.

4. Multiband Antenna

It is one of the major successes achieved by Europe. Multiband antennas are used to operate different band frequencies at once. Where one part is used to operate one frequency, the other part of the same antenna operated other frequencies. Isotropic Systems UK, from London, are the biggest dealers in Europe. They produce low-profile and most efficient electronically steerable multiband antennas.

5. Smart Antennas

The main objective is to build an affordable smart antenna system. It helps in cellular and satellite communication. These are flat, thin antennas that can adjust the electronic beam. They are used widely on moving vehicles like planes, trains, cars and ships to connect with the 5G network and to track satellites.

The list continues with lots of different technologies, including self-driving cars. They are opening roads to 5G connected cars to enhance BMW and Qualcomm. Not only this, the CEO, Magna is ready to spend in self-driving cars and has asked the industry to favour.

Challenges and Future Plans

European countries are now more focused on improving their worth in the world about Telecom technology.

Lisa C Lauren, Head of International Relations department - Australian Master said in an interview,

"Europe is no doubt a significant threat to the US and China. Their growth in the past three years is way improved, and they are moving towards the betterment. With their decision to eliminate China's equipment from their market, they might be competing them equally in the next 5 years."

Let us have a look at some of the major challenges faced by Europe and how they are planning to cope up with the issues.

1. Reclaim their Market

The most concerning issue for Europe is to eliminate Chinese equipment from the European market. It requires them to replace about 70 to 80 percent of the equipment. Where the US just pledged $1 billion to do so, Europe needs $62 billion.

2. The UK Rural Connectivity

Where Europe is planning to launch 5G across the continent, the UK still faces issues of connectivity in their rural areas.



The details show that the UK still has issues in some of its regions in the connectivity, and it must be resolved before launching 5G.

3. Germany Launches 5G

Recently, Germany has launched 5G in its 5 cities including,

  1. Berlin
  2. Cologne
  3. Munich
  4. Bonn
  5. Darmstadt

Deutsche Telekom during the IFA Media day launched its 5G technology. They are further planning to expand into more cities by the end of 2019. This might work as the gateway to 5G in the whole of Europe.

Well, it is too early to say something about this industry, quick changes in decisions impact a lot in this sector.

Author Bio: Claudia Jeffrey is currently working as Assistant Manager for Networking at King Essay. She has a great interest in technological advancements, especially in the telecom sector. Claudia loves to call herself a tech geek. Apart from that, she is a great analyst and blogger.



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