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18 March, 2014 Android Wear

google wear

Today, Google announced, through Android Developer website, its New Android Wear Platform... Yes, a wearable version of Android OS that's starting with Smart Watches with a Google-Now-like User Interface (UI) which based on graphical content cards that view information request by the user, like what you have now on your Android smartphone Google search App.


Google Wear Demo

Google Wear Demo


Browsing the new "wear" section on the developer website reveals even more information on the upcoming platform than what's in the consumer-facing videos. After reading through the developer site, a rough image of Android Wear begins to take shape.

There are 3 major functions of Wear: a Google Now-style "homescreen" with a scrollable list of cards, a rich-notification system that alerts you to information from your smartphone, and a series of contextual tools that pop up during certain activities (Call, Hangouts). All of these functions flow together when necessary, and they depend on a smartphone, if only for the data connection in some cases.


Google Smart watch wear

Some cards with more information are paginated, allowing you to swipe to the right to see expanded info or an action, like replying to an email or checking in for a flight. The previews on the developer page show square and circular watches with full-color screens.


google wear

According to the developer documentation, ANY Android phone or tablet app will be able to send rich notifications to an Android Wear device. These will look a lot like the cards in the Context Stream: short snippets of relevant information, with an optional photo backdrop. Again, you'll be able to swipe to the right to see expanded information. An action button will let you perform commands on your phone without actually touching it, usually via voice, though the full capability of these actions hasn't been revealed yet.


Check out this Android Wear Video demonstration from Google Dev.Bytes Below.




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