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If you're still thinking about whether to take the wireless earbuds to a gym or not, let it be your insight into the subject today. Yes, take them for sure. And here's why. Listening to music adds to mood elevation and boosted performance, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. However, it's not always easy to find the best wireless earbuds for workout in the pool of hundreds represented on the market. 

  1. When surveying the models, you need to take into consideration the fit options, water-resistance, battery life, and, of course, sound quality. Based on these criteria, we've picked 5 pairs of best truly wireless earbuds for working out that work with any budget. 

Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds

We would agree with multiple reviews stating that this pair is the best Bluetooth earbuds for workouts. By workouts, we mean you can use them when doing exercises, lifting weights, boxing or running on a treadmill. They deliver an excellent audio quality that might be personalized via the Jabra Sound+ app. The build is durable and protected with the IP56 dust and water-resistance rating. The Active 65t are super tiny and come only with the ear-tips, which is enough for a snug fit. The pair is easy-to-use, with onboard basic controls. You can summon the digital assistants with them as well. As for the battery life, it's about 5 hours on a single charge and an extra 10 hours from the portable case. The quick charging is just another strong point of this pair. Thus, a 15-minute charge provides an additional hour and a half of juice.  


These are the best workout earbuds under $100. For truly wireless earbuds, they even have a pretty decent sound reproduction with boosted bass. They operate via the latest Bluetooth 5.0, which means stable connectivity and an instant pairing. Speaking of comfort, they are IPX6 waterproof, feature easy-to-use button controls and come with custom ear-tips. The icing on a cake is the battery life. Its single charge is 5 hours. But the case is so compact and, thus, super portable so that together the pair can last for up to 30 hours. You can also summon digital assistants as well. Actually, the brand has the whole lineup of workout earbuds wireless for working out. Check other earbuds for workout, if necessary. 

JLab JBuds Air Icon

The reason why these might be called the best workout Bluetooth earbuds is pretty simple - they are super durable and meantime affordable. So, the pair is IP55 certified, which means it withstands well dust and sweat. It features a dual connection system for seamless connectivity within the 10-meter range and the AAC codec for the great audio reproduction (that can be customized via EQ3, by the way), especially from iPhones (Apple uses AAC for its devices). The package comprises signature Crush Fin ear-tips that prevent the buds from falling out. The battery lasts for up to 6 hours. Herewith, the charging case provides an extra 18 hours of playtime. 

Jaybird Vista

If you're after that type of wireless earbuds for workouts with an over-clip design, then this pair is for you. Besides, they come with 3 sets of ear gels that together definitely provide a tight hold. Also, they are super compact and meantime rugged and durable. The headset features the IPX7 water-resistance rating that allows a full immersion. The battery life is about 6 hours and 10 more from the case. The Vista work via the latest Bluetooth 5.0 and the controls are very intuitive to use. Users can also customize the audio reproduction via EQ control provided by the Jaybird iOS or Android app. 

Bose SoundSport Free

These might be placed amongst the best sounding workout earbuds, according to many athletes. They stand out in the crowd for powerful bass. In general, they do a great job when reproducing a well-balanced sound, good enough at highs and mids. As for the fit, Bose worked out the StayHear+ ear tips precisely for intense workouts. The battery lasts for about 5 hours and you can also squeeze out an additional 10 hours from the case. Athletes love the pair for being super handy to use thanks to a multi-function button. They are IPX4 rated, which means they can tolerate light jets of water but not immersion. 

Why aren't AirPods included?

We excluded the traditional AirPods because athletes can find absolutely decent wireless earbuds like AirPods with a lower price-tag. Besides, some don't like the stems that protrude from the ears, while others reject them due to a mediocre sound. In a nutshell, it is always possible to find the best pair without breaking the bank account and compromising on the quality. 

Android Wear for iOS


Google has just hit Apple where it hurts, as it launching Android Wear for iOS. Yes, Android Wear for iOS should be rolling-out today to iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, or 6 Plus running iOS 8.2 or later.


This means that iOS users no longer have to use Apple Watch, they can pick any Android Wear-powered smartwatch in the market and it will work perfectly with all Google iOS apps (Hangouts, Gmail, Google+... etc).


Android Wear for iOS Features :
- Get your info at a glance: Check important info like phone calls, messages, and notifications from your favorite apps. Android Wear features always-on displays, so you'll never have to move your wrist to wake up your watch.
- Follow your fitness: Set fitness goals, and get daily and weekly views of your progress. Your watch automatically tracks walking and running, and even measures your heart rate.
- Save time with smart help: Receive timely tips like when to leave for appointments, current traffic info, and flight status. Just say "Ok Google" to ask questions like "Is it going to rain in London tomorrow?" or create to-dos with "Remind me to pack an umbrella."



flappy bird


The simple, but highly addictive game "Flappy Bird", was pulling in a ton of advertising cash each day, making developer Dong Nguyen wealthy. But Nguyen decided to pull the game, fearing its addictiveness. At least that was the reason he gave when asked about his actions. Perhaps he was worried about the addictive qualities of the game leading to the downfall of modern civilization. Still, it was a once-in-a-lifetime oppotunity for the developer, and someday he just might rue his decision.


Flappy Bird is back, and available for your Android Wear powered Smartwatch thanks to Android developer Corbin Davenport. The process of sideloading the game requires you to use a modified version of the apk, and an Android Debugging Bridge. You can read the instructions posted by Davenport by clicking on the sourcelink.


You can view a clip of Flappy Bird doing his thing on a Motorola Moto 360, by clicking on the video below.



Preview [Video]

Android Wear

Microsoft is working on a keyboard for Android Wear devices. The company has now released a proto-type version of the keyboard, which can be downloaded from the company's website.


The Microsoft keyboard is a bit different than the ones we have seen so far, wherein it doesn't have actual keys but uses the screen to let you draw characters on the screen, which are then converted into actual characters.


I suppose this is a better way to enter text on your watch but if you stop and think about it, you are still that guy who enters text on your smartwatch. Why you wouldn't use voice or just use your phone is beyond me.



Download [Microsoft Analog Keyboard for Android Wear]

Wear Forum


Google's official Android Wear Help Forum has now launched. There are many places to go online to get help with using your new smartwatch, but this Google Group is the place the company would probably prefer you go. It's also a location where you have a reasonable chance of getting an answer.


This forum isn't just a place for newbies. If you're an expert or at least reasonably informed, you can take to the site to answer questions and help one another out. A forum is only as good as the people who frequent it, and we would love to see this turn into a valuable resource.




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