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Samsung Gear Live


Today, Android Wear build KMV78Y is rolling out to the Samsung Gear live, which is was also released to the LG G Watch too.


Gear live


The update is staged, so it will show up on your watch whenever it shows up. However, the OTA URL has been captured and can be found on XDA (Source link below). Simply download the update and install it with ADB sideload. There are no guarantees this will go off without a hitch, though. Waiting for the real OTA is probably reasonable, especially considering we don't know what this update does yet.






Having WhatsApp on your wrist is not a bad idea ? Reading your messages from your SmartWatch can be done now as the WhatsApp application is currently supports Android Wear devices.


Beginning today, WhatsApp has now been made available for Android Wear devices. You'll be able to read your messages and even reply to them from your smartwatch.




Now don't think you'll be typing away on a tiny screen; you'll need to talk into your wrist Dick Tracy style to dictate the messages. What's interesting is that WhatsApp hasn't made the update public. There isn't any mention of it on the Google Play Store, nor have they made any official announcements regarding the latest update.


You'll need to manually install the update to get the feature as well; it won't be pushed to your device. It should be headed to the Google Play Store very soon, but if you want to start talking into your wrist, then you can click the source link below and go to town.



Download WhatsApp for Android Wear

HP Smartwatch


It seems that HP is about to relese its own Smartwatch, as well. However, the manufacturer is not looking to make yet another bland device that mainly keeps tech-heads happy. HP has teamed up with fashion designer Michael Bastian to create a timepiece that fashionable people would actually like to be seen with.


The watch will be circular, with a 44mm stainless steel case, adorned by a multilayered finish. It will come with 3 swappable bands in different finishes black rubber, brown leather, and olive green nylon. There will also be a "limited edition" version of the watch, which will reportedly be an all-black design.


Smartwatch Sketch


It is said that the smartwatch will be accompanied by an app, compatible with both Android and iOS, allowing it to sync to your device of choice. It will then be able to receive notifications for text messages, emails, news, and control music playback. How much of that is true, and how exactly it will work, remains to be seen, as information about it around the Web seems garbled and scarce.



Wear Face


The choice of Android Wear watch-faces just got big with the release of Wear Face Collection. Available now in the Google Play Store, this app can put at least 15 custom watch-faces on your Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch, or Motorola 360. Granted, the watch-face designs might not be up to everybody's tastes, but everyone is different.


Face Wear Collection


After the app is installed on your phone, it will automatically install itself on the watch too. Long-press on your watch-face and select "wear face collection". That should get things going, but if it doesn't, there's another option. Open the app on your smartphone, select the desired theme, and tap push to watch.


We're not sure precisely how many watch-faces you'll receive for free, but the app's maker says that at least half of them are up for grabs without paying.



Wear Face Collection


Wear Face Collection [Play]



Got an Android Wear Smartwatch ? If so, there's a mic on your wrist, so you might as well use it to keep track of all the insightful things that come tumbling out of your mouth. Or random craziness, whichever you're more prone to. Wear Audio Recorder lets you record voice notes from the watch, which are then pushed over to the phone.




Just open the app on Android Wear to make a new voice note. The UI is just a few swipable screens with big buttons in the middle-perfectly usable on Wear. When you've finished recording, a card will show up in the stream to let you know the file has been sent to the phone successfully.




You can use this card to open the phone app and listen to the recording. The current watches don't have speakers, so there would be no reason to include playback functionality in the Wear component.



Download Wear Audio Recorder [Play]



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