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Fans of Android digg one thing over iOS users: out of the box customization. Android OS is touted as being more flexible and "customizable" than Apple's mobile operating system, so it doesn't come as a surprise to see that Android wear will support customizable watch faces.


The development was confirmed by Google itself when Google's VP of Design Matias Duarte said that the Android Wear team is currently creating a custom watch face API: "Customization has helped Android thrive, and the same will be true for Android Wear,"


Android Wear


Duarte went on to say that the API will be made "as simple as possible" to work with, meaning that designers should be able to create custom watch faces with relative ease that won't drain your device's battery and also play nice with the interface of Android Wear.



Source [Google+]

Android Wear


They Both are New in the Android Tech Market but one got more popular than the other... We are talking about Google Glass and Android Wear. According to the latest statistics, Android Wear is now Officially has more apps than Google Glass. However, Developers have been working with Google Glass for more than a year, and Android Wear has been on the market no more than two weeks.


Android Wear


Well, of course the reason of that is the Price & Availability of the products. Android Wear devices is a lot cheaper than Glass and affordable to most of the users, it also available worldwide. In the other hand, Google Glass is only Available in the U.S. and with a higher price ($1,500) which affect the sales and the number of developers targeting this kind of products.

The majority of current Android Wear apps are what Google first suggested, extensions of existed Smartphone Apps. Add to that the usual crapware that comes to all app stores (e.g. five different flashlight apps for Wear), and the number of Wear apps may not strike many as all that impressive.




Google Camera


Google will release an update that will make you able to control your phone or tablet's Google Camera App shutter from your Android Wear device.


Now the screen on your wearable won't double as a viewfinder, so you'll need to make sure that the image is to your liking on your phone's screen before you go ahead and start snapping away from your smartwatch.


Google Camera App


What your smartwatch will be able to do is display a countdown timer of when the shutter will be pressed, so you can pose accordingly. It would be interesting to see what hackers are able to do with this feature, and all of the potential cool spy scenarios one would be able to re-enact with the phone/smartwatch combo.




Android Wear


A Flappy Bird clone for Android Wear devices is already here, and it's already available for FREE on the Google Play Store. It's called Flopsy Droid, and it takes the successful Flappy Bird concept to your wrist. The game is intended to be played on Android wearables, so you'll need to have one of those already paired with your smartphone in order to enjoy it.




In this Flappy Bird clone, there's no bird to be seen anywhere. It's been replaced by the Android robot, which you must navigate through those familiar pipes. Apparently the game performs pretty well on the first batch of Android Wear devices, such as the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live. The former of those has just been made available across the world yesterday.



Flopsy Droid [Play]

Samsung Galaxy Wear


Google I/O 2014 is coming Next week and it witness the official released of Android wear Platform for wearable devices. According to a report from CNET sources, Samsung is going to announced its first Android Wear-powered Smartwatch, all Samsung's previous smart watches was powered by Tizen-OS.


The report goes even further, suggesting that the new Samsung Gear smartwatch will be one of the items that Google I/O attendees will be taking home from the show. If that turns out true, then it will suggest that the new Gear device is rather far along in its development and its sales should start shortly after the event is over.


The market name of the New Samsung Android Wear Smartwatch is still unknown but it will probably be called "Samsung Galaxy Wear" or "Samsung Gear W".




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