Firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S8 is in production as you read this

17 October, 2016 Samsung

It seems only yesterday that the Galaxy Note 7 was launched, but it's literally history now as the continuing hazardous nature of the smartphone resulted in its discontinuation and a complete recall by Samsung. Nevertheless, we have good news for Samsung fans as the Galaxy S8 is coming and it's coming fast. Work on firmware of the upcoming Galaxy S8 has already started, as reported by SamMobile.

If you were expecting to see the Galaxy S8 earlier due to the failure of the Note 7, it may not be the case. While there is no way to be sure about this, it is true that software development started at around the same time for the S7 in 2015 as well. If Samsung sticks to the expected release date in February at the Mobile World Congress next year, we think it would actually be a better move than releasing an incomplete device early, just to fill the gap that the Note 7 left in the market for Samsung. Besides, rumor has it that releasing the Note 7 in a hurry in order to compete with the iPhone 7 is what led to the following disaster in the first place.

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