Free iPhone IMEI Checking Tool: Review of the Service and Why You Need It

14 November, 2020 Software

Free iPhone IMEI Checking Tool: Review of the Service and Why You Need It


Recently I needed to check the IMEI of my iPhone, so I went to look for some useful and free tool that can help me with this. So I came across a very decent service. In this article, I will tell you what information you can get with this tool and why you need to check your IMEI at all.


What is IMEI and Why Do You May Need Check it for iPhone?

IMEI is a unique phone identifier consisting of 16 digits. It is applied to its packaging, case and battery, and is recorded in the operating system (so you can find it in the settings).


What is IMEI and Why Do You May Need Check it for iPhone?


When you buy a new iPhone, you need to register it and do it by entering the same IMEI. That's why it's useful to check iPhone IMEI - it's the most reliable way to find out if the phone is really new and official.


What You Can Learn Through Service

Tool shows a lot of information about the device, not just writes whether it is an official phone or not. For example, you can find out what country this iPhone is registered in, whether it is still under warranty, and in what year (and even what date and month!) it was sold. The service will be useful both for those who buy a new iPhone and want to make sure that it is really new and for those who are going to buy a used phone and are worried about its usability.


What You Can Learn Through Service


The warranty information will also come in handy if you have been using your iPhone for a long time and you need to fix it badly. Also, says the date when your device's technical support expires.


A complete list of the data that the service shows is available at, right below the form where you need to enter your IMEI.


Even more features and capabilities are implemented in the Premium version.


The interface of the tool is also worthy of attention because it is as simple as possible. I didn't have to search long for how, where and what to enter, and the list of information immediately made me realize that this is exactly what I needed.


See for yourself; everything is implemented as clearly as possible. To access this form, you do not need to register.


By the way, if you don't know where to find your IMEI, the service also tells you how to do it. I duplicate the information here: besides the check on the box or the case, you can just enter *#06#.


Among the shortcomings of the service, I could name a limit of one check in one day, but I am not sure how serious this flaw is. Hardly many people have more than one iPhone, and they need many checks every day.


To make a brief conclusion, I definitely recommend this decent free tool to check the IMEI of your iPhone.


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