Future Samsung displays could be even brighter than ever

10 February, 2023 Samsung

Future Samsung displays could be even brighter than ever


While display type, resolution, and refresh rate are all important specs to consider when choosing a phone, brightness should also be considered as well. This is because the brighter a display can reach, the better it can be read under direct sunlight, which might be useful for those who find themselves outdoors a lot.


The good news is that Samsung might have you covered. According to a tweet by tipster @OreXda, they are claiming that Samsung is developing a new display panel which might have the ability to hit a peak brightness of 2,500 nits.



For context, Samsung's previous panel only hit 2,000 nits (which is honestly plenty bright) and was used in devices like Apple's iPhone 14 Pro series, so the jump to 2,500 nits is quite substantial. It has also been speculated that this new panel could find its way into the iPhone 15 Pro series later this year.


As to how big of a difference it will be in real-life settings, it's hard to say. On paper the 500 nits increase is quite big, but as SamMobile points out, it is essentially an increase of 25% so maybe in real-life it might not be as obvious. Also, we have to wonder how big of a battery drain it will be when running at max brightness, so that's another factor to consider.


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