Galaxy A32 - An affordable mid-range phone for Samsung lovers

8 March, 2021 Samsung


Samsung released a few mid-range smartphones last year, mainly to compete with the Chinese smartphone manufacturers. The Galaxy A31 was one of the phones with a low price tag and all the right specs for everyone who just need a basic smartphone with not-so-heavy usage requirements.


This year Samsung brought the Galaxy A32 that is powered by a MediaTek processing chip, the Helio G80, but the company decided to bring some upgrades to make it a slightly attractive option than its predecessor.


The Galaxy A32's MediaTek chip can handle more frames per second and its the same GPU as the Helio P65 that powered the Galaxy A31 while the clock speed of the GPU is higher this time which makes it capable to provide a higher refresh rate. The Galaxy A32 features a 90HZ super AMOLED display, with a higher-resolution rear camera, and runs over the latest version of Android and One UI 3.1 out of the box.


The main selling point of the device is its higher refresh rate that has been seen mainly on the flagship smartphones until now and that makes it better than the previous smartphones of the same series.


Although there isn't anything crazy when it comes to the design of the Galaxy A32 many people probably will like the phone's exterior look as well. The phone features a 6.4--inch display and looks very cute in the blue color. Not having the camera sensors placed in a separate housing looks even better.


If you are someone like me who doesn't like fancy gradients, this phone is designed especially for you. Like the predecessor, the Galaxy A32 isn't very heavy despite having a massive 5,000mah battery. The phone casing is made of plastic that further removes the need for having a case. The phone is priced around $230.



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