Galaxy Note 4 (unlocked) begins to receive the January Security update in Europe

17 January, 2017 Samsung Updates

If you own a Galaxy Note 4, we have good news for you. Samsung has now officially started to roll out the January security update for the older Note. Keep in mind that this update is only out for the unlocked variants and as of now, Germany is the first country to receive it. If Samsung follows its usual routes, then Netherlands will receive the security patch next. From there on, Poland and UK could be next in line.

The update will come in with the same 67 patches and fixes which are part of all Android January SMR updates. Additionally, 28 of Samsung's own custom fixes should also make their way onto your Galaxy Note 4, post the updating process. Check the details here on the official changelog. You should automatically be prompted to download and install it once it arrives on your phone, but feel free to check for the update manually from Settings > About device > Software updates, if you wish.

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