Galaxy Note 8 Microsoft Edition is Now Available

25 November, 2017 Samsung

It was just about a week ago that the Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition became available for purchase via their online store and now the Galaxy Note 8 Microsoft Edition is available there as well. It's the same Note 8 though in terms of hardware, but the Microsoft Edition does have a few Microsoft exclusive software bundled in with it. Cortana and Microsoft Explorer stands out among the list of included software as the most prominent ones, but there are also a few others included.

You can buy the handset right now for exactly $929.99, but you would probably do well to hold out till the Black Friday deals hit. Do keep in mind that the Microsoft Edition only includes the 64GB version, so you are out of luck if you were looking for the higher storage version. Is there a reason that justifies buying the Galaxy Note 8 Microsoft Edition over the standard edition? Umm... Not really! Nevertheless, feel free to do so if you wish! The included software might be a nice touch.

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