Galaxy Note 8 confirmed

24 January, 2017 Samsung

The press conference which was held to reveal the details of Samsung's probe into the reasons behind the Note 7's fire hazards, turned out to be quite revealing in certain other areas as well. Apart from stating that the batteries were indeed the culprits behind the disaster, Dong-jin Koh also confirmed that a Note smartphone will indeed be released (hopefully in 2017). This revelation came in alongside the declaration that the S8 will be withheld from the MWC in February.

If you are wondering whether or it will be called "Note 8," consider the fact that Dong-jin Koh himself stated this; "I will bring back a better, safer and very innovative Note 8." Keep in mind that the final name on release can be very different and Koh could only be using the name to make his point in a direct manner. Just in case you are wondering as to why "Note 8" may not be chosen for naming the Note 7's successor, know that Samsung already has an old tablet with the same exact name. Additionally, some experts have predicted that Samsung could go with something different in order to get away from the bad reputation which its predecessor acquired for the Note series.

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