Google confirms when Apple will bring RCS to iPhones

29 March, 2024 Google

Google confirms when Apple will bring RCS to iPhones


After a lot of pressure from governments and the tech industry, Apple confirmed back in November last year that they will bring RCS support to its iPhones. The company did mention it will arrive in 2024, but stopped short of providing specific dates. But this hasn't stopped Google from predicting when.


In a new landing page for Google Messages, the company has made a bold claim that RCS will arrive on iPhones come fall of 2024. We can't say that they're completely wrong. Fall is when Apple will announce their new iPhones. It is also when Apple typically releases the next major iOS update - iOS 18.


It has been speculated that RCS message support will most likely be part of the iOS 18 update. Apple hasn't confirmed anything yet, so that's why it's still speculation. It's probably a pretty safe bet, but we think it's still a bit premature of Google to be so confident in its announcement, unless they know something we don't.


Support for RCS messages means that iOS users will soon be able to send rich text messages to non-iOS users with support for media files, support for encryption, and more. For the most part, a lot of the world relies on third-party apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram to chat with friends cross-platform. RCS support will mostly be beneficial to those in the US, but we suppose it doesn't hurt to have it anyway.


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