Google could be contracting the Pixel 8's display

13 April, 2023 Google

Google could be contracting the Pixel 8's display


Regularly, Google dispatches two Pixel lead gadgets consistently, and this year we expect that there will be a Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Genius. The principal distinctions throughout the years has commonly been in the display and camera division, where the base model will wear a more modest display contrasted with the Ace model.


Presently as indicated by a tweet by DSCC's Ross Youthful, Google could really be hoping to make the Pixel 8 more modest than its ancestor. The tweet guarantees that Google may be contracting the Pixel 8's display down from the 6.32-inches tracked down in the Pixel 7 down to 6.16-inches. This is around 0.16-creeps in contrast which genuinely we don't know whether it will be excessively recognizable.



For the people who imagine that this may be a downsize, we can see where you're coming from, yet it's not really something terrible. Many have grumbled throughout the long term about how their phone displays are getting too large and inconvenient, so a more modest display implies a more modest phone, particularly in the event that Google shrivels the bezels too, which makes it simpler to hold and use with one hand.


Google could be contracting the Pixel 8's display


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