Google could be working on their own version of Samsung's "Secure Folder"

12 December, 2023 Android Updates

Google could be working on their own version of Samsung's "Secure Folder"


We all have different apps on our smartphones, and for the most part it's generally the content of these apps that are private, less so the apps themselves. But in case there are some apps you use that you'd rather other people not know about, then an upcoming Android update could be for you.


According to a report from Android Police, it seems that Google is working on a feature for Android called "Private Space". This is a feature that will allow users to create a new private profile on their phones that can be locked behind a PIN or using the phone's biometric security, like fingerprints or facial recognition.


If you've ever used Android's Work Profile feature, then this is something you should be familiar with. In this private profile, users can hide apps that they don't want other people to see, like when you pass your phone to someone and they might scroll through your handset. It also hides the notifications coming from these apps, and the apps can only be found when searching for "private space" in the search bar.


If this sounds familiar, it is because Samsung has a similar feature for years called Secure Folder, but obviously that is a Samsung exclusive. With Private Space, Google will introduce it to Android and non-Samsung users will be able to take advantage of it as well. The feature appears to still be in development and it is unclear when it will be released, but the report suggests that Android 15 is a possibility, so don't expect to see it anytime soon.


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