How Google came with the Android Robot logo ? Why a dessert-based naming scheme ?

4 January, 2013 Android

android logo


Android's mascot, known as Bugdroid (little green roboto above), has become instantly recognizable in the mobile world and it has already gone several transformations to match the dessert a given Android version is named after.



This loopy-looking robot were created by Dan Morrill, who worked in developer relations, when he decided that slides for a presentation to Google's dev team needed eye candy. These were never used officially, but apparently they lived long enough to pick up a nickname "Dandroids". In the End, Google went with the Bugdroid design by Irina Blo.


J = Jelly Bean

Mr. Morrill isn't done with the Android trivia. The second internal developer launch of Android was called R2-D2, short for "Release To Developers 2". Due to trademark considerations, Android's naming scheme moved on to desserts, which was an idea by Ryan PC Gibson, starting from the letter "C = Cupcake" and moving on in an alphabetically order.

Source (Dan Morrill)


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