How to Attract More Shoppers That Use the Amazon App

6 March, 2023 How To

How to Attract More Shoppers That Use the Amazon App


When marketing your products or services, you should keep in mind that although you are probably listing your item for sale using a computer, most of your customers will be shopping using the Amazon app on their cell phones. This means that the placement and length of the description will have to be catered to the smaller screen. Photos should also be taken with this in mind so try to provide close-up pictures of your products.
Here is a guide on attracting more shoppers to your business using the Amazon app.


1. Market your business effectively

Undoubtedly, there is a right way and a wrong way to market your products on Amazon, as well as there being somewhere in between. By marketing the wrong way you will see less-than-average sales; if your business is somewhere in the middle your sales may be ok-enough to get by and you may think that you are doing quite well. However, by marketing the right way, your business could be soaring, products flying out of your doors, and you could be looking to expand your Amazon business to include having employees working under you.


Now, undoubtedly, you will understand that by trying to do everything yourself you are either doing your marketing poorly or to the minimum standard. However, to get the best results you are going to need the help, advice, and expertise of a professional Amazon marketing agency such as those found at This is because marketing agencies such as Nuanced Media have the correct tools and knowledge to help you get your products in front of those customers that are actively seeking them, and by aligning this with their general knowledge of optimization and strategies for Amazon and e-commerce business you will see why having certain professionals on board will help your business.


2. Use pictures and photos

When you place your items up for sale you should provide your customers with plenty of pictures and photographs so that they can see exactly what it is that they are purchasing. You have to remember that your customers are unable to pick up and check over the item like they would in a regular store.


Providing photos can install customer confidence in you as a seller. If you show a lack of photos, you may find that customers are unhappy with the product that you are supplying them especially if you are selling items that are aesthetically less than perfect.


3. Provide short, clear descriptions

You should always include descriptions of the products that you are selling, and they should be kept short but also informative. If you struggle with this, then opt for bullet points to get your message across. Again if the items you are selling are aesthetically less than perfect make sure that you include their faults and draw the customer's eye toward them. This way your customer will be prepared when they receive the goods and will be less likely to leave negative feedback.


Final thoughts

You are going to need every tactic you can get your hands on to get ahead of the game when it comes to Amazon selling: supply plenty of quality photos; use short, clear, and informative descriptions for your products; and have a secret weapon of a trusted marketing agency to supply you with strategies to use and to give you a boost in your product's optimization.


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