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How to Manage Your Casino Bankroll

5 October, 2020 Gaming


If you're a seasoned online casino gambler, you've probably heard people say that a player should bet only what they can afford to lose. Whether the goal is to win millions or just have some fun online, learning how to manage your casino bankroll is very important. Essentially, you can win at an online casino without risking your money. That's why you need bankroll management skills. Here are some of the best ways to manage your casino money.


Set a Gaming Budget


Set a Gaming Budget

This is one of the most effective tips on how to manage your casino bankroll. Essentially, you need to treat online gambling like other expenses. For instance, you know that you shouldn't pay more rent than what you can afford. Similarly, you shouldn't gamble with an amount that's beyond your budget.


This bankroll management tip is very important, especially when gambling at an online casino that accepts Neosurf deposits. Neosurf is a prepaid card payment method that lets you fund your casino account securely without disclosing your financial data.


If you don't set a gaming budget, you can easily drain your account and fund it with Neosurf without thinking about the effects of your actions. Eventually, you could have serious financial troubles for overspending on your online gaming activities.


Track Your Gaming Expenses

You can easily lose track of your online gaming expenses if not careful. Did you deposit money into your online casino account once, twice, or three times this month? Did you withdraw any money from the casino? Keeping track of such details may seem easy, but it becomes difficult as online gaming brings more fun.


In some cases, you might even not want to record such details because you don't want to remember your losses. You can even forget to track your gaming expenses. Nevertheless, you should track your online casino deposits and withdrawals. This will enable you to avoid losing control of the amount of money you spend on online gambling.


Set a Bet Range


Set a Bet Range


Setting a bet range enables you to avoid risking a lot of your entire stake in one game or bet. Without a bet range, you can lose your entire bankroll and turn to your coffers for more deposits. Setting a bet range makes you a smart player. You know the maximum amount to wager, and you will always consider the size of your bankroll. That way, you won't lose control and place a too big bet in one game. 


A rule of thumb is to wager less than 1% of your bankroll amount on a single game or bet. So, if you deposit $100 at an online casino, don't bet more than $1 at once. Setting a reasonable bet range enables you to keep wagering enough so that your wins can always make a significant difference.


Don't Be Emotional

Your adrenaline can easily spike if you keep winning at a casino. This is what most people call the "gamblers high." According to the BBC, this is a very addictive feeling that makes many people unable to quit gambling even if they desperately want to.


If not careful, you will be caught up in changing this high by risking more money. Therefore, though this is a great feeling, be careful. Don't let emotions take control. Play smartly by keeping an eye on your bet range and gaming budget.


Withdraw the Deposit

Once you win more than you need to place a couple of bets, withdraw the amount you initially invested. That way, you can continue to use the house money to gamble. Thus, you will exclusively be gambling with profit. Essentially, you should withdraw your initial stake amount once you double it with winnings.


Proper bankroll management is what differentiates losers and winners in online casinos. Follow these tips for managing a casino bankroll to become a successful online gambler.


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