How to use a Hubspot phone integration

14 September, 2023 Technology

How to use a Hubspot phone integration

Disconnected promoting, which incorporates any promotions or showcasing your clients could find in reality, (for example, boards, transport wraps, print advertisements, mailers, and so on.), generally drives prompts call your business. Calls, on the other hand, are notoriously hard to track. If every caller rings the same number, the only way to determine which marketing campaign prompted them to contact you is to ask each individual, "How did you find our business?" The uplifting news is, with call following, every announcement, flier, and business card has its own exceptional following number, and so you can see which promoting source is driving every single lead


What is Aircall's HubSpot?

Aircall HubSpot Incorporation empowers specialists, agents, and advertisers to smooth out their call work processes, increment efficiency, and track clients through the entire client venture from showcasing, to deals, and achievement.


How Aircall integrates with HubSpot?

The all-in-one software from HubSpot provides apps, services, and a comprehensive ecosystem that includes everything you need to place your customers at the center of your business.


HubSpot's phone integration with Aircall, support agents, sales teams, and marketers can improve productivity, streamline call workflows, and track customers throughout the customer journey.


You can log all calls and SMS to Contacts, Deals, and Tickets using Aircall's native integration with HubSpot. Utilize this movement to assemble custom reports, trigger work processes to computerize your post-call activities, and develop your group en route!


Benefits of Integrating Aircall with HubSpot

Better Data All in One Place

With Aircall, all phone conversations are recorded and tracked in your Contact, Company, Deal, and Ticket records. This includes information about the duration of the call, the phone number, a link to complete call recordings, agent comments, and call outcomes, as well as call transcription. Within HubSpot, all of your call data can be accessed for native reporting and workflow triggers.


Client History Readily available

Jump further into client history inside the Aircall telephone. Before your sales representatives and support agents answer incoming calls, Aircall's Insight Card sends important information to them automatically. All your client history from HubSpot is a tick away, giving the full setting of your call, and giving your group most extreme setting to improve the client experience and have better discussions.


Plus, there's more: You can customize the information that appears on your Insights Card because we understand that every business is different. This will allow you to provide your agents with the most pertinent insights and allow them to get the most out of their calls!


Flexibility no matter where you are

Don't risk losing data or compromising call quality by working remotely in the field. You can use our iPhone and Android mobile app to keep your HubSpot data current wherever you are. Make it simple to work from home and log important data in real time, even when your team is away on business.


Add features to increase productivity when it comes to providing excellent customer service or completing sales deals, we are aware that time is of the essence.



Arrange to stop wasting money on marketing. Understand what's working and what's not by coordinating on the web and disconnected advertising with call following.


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