Infinix debuts new 3D Lighting Leather technology

12 September, 2023 Technology

Infinix debuts new 3D Lighting Leather technology


There's not a lot that smartphone makers can do these days to differentiate their phones from the competition. In terms of hardware, a lot of modern day phones share similar specs, and on the software front, since most phones run on Android, there's really on so much an OEM can do without going overboard.


This leaves the design of the phone as a way for manufacturers to distinguish themselves from the competition, and that's what Infinix will be doing for its upcoming phone, the Note 30 VIP. The company has announced what they are calling 3D Lighting Leather technology.


Infinix debuts new 3D Lighting Leather technology


This basically comes in the form of the use of translucent thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) leather which allows light to peek through. Combined with the use of LEDs, it will allow the company to include some pretty cool lighting effects on the back of its phone, but without the need for glass or see-through plastic, which is what other manufacturers tend to do.


It seems that with this technology, Infinix might be hoping to introduce something similar to the Nothing Phone's "Glyph" system, where the back of the phone can light up and pulse at different intervals or colors depending on the notification. Either way, we should have more details once the Note 30 VIP special edition launches later this month.


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