Is Samsung Planning Something Revolutionary with the Galaxy S10?

14 June, 2018 Samsung

The Galaxy S8 was a revolutionary device for Samsung in more ways than one, but it was the design that stood out and made it such a commercial success back in 2017. While the current-gen S9 is definitely an improvement over its predecessor, it never really managed to reach the same height because it remained identical to the S8 in design. However, the S10 could be another revolutionary device for Samsung in terms of design, if a report by ETNews is to be believed.

Apparently, Samsung will not be using the iPhone X's notch to house the earphone, front camera and all the sensors, unlike every other Android OEM out there. Instead, they will slim down the bezels of the Galaxy S10 even further by excluding the earphone altogether! The "sound on display" tech which will be used by Samsung and possibly a few other Android manufacturers, will convey sounds directly from the phone's display itself, by using the bones in the human skull. If I remember correctly, this is similar to what we saw with the original Xiaomi Mi Mix, but the sound produced was too low for the technology to be reusable for Xiaomi in the Mi Mix 2. Hopefully, Samsung will be able to correct those flaws and give us an Android phone that doesn't look like a copy of the iPhone X.

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