Is this Really the iPhone OLED?

10 May, 2017 Apple

We all know that the iPhone 8 will supposedly be more special than ever before because this year will mark the iPhone's 10th anniversary. However, apart from a lot of speculations and a few questionable renders, we have so far been given little else to go on here. Then again, Apple have always been better at keeping secrets than Samsung. Nevertheless, we do have another render for you to look at and marvel today because it looks gorgeous.




If @OnLeaks and @GearIndia is onto something here, we are truly looking at an absolutely stunning bezel-less iPhone 8 this year. Just check the rendered images and the video we have for you to see what we mean. It is a known fact that @OnLeaks is one of the most reliable leaksters on the internet and if he is saying that this could be how the iPhone 8 OLED will look, he could very well be right! However, we could not help but notice that in spite of being different in its own way (especially with that brand new dual camera in landscape orientation), this design does seem a lot like what we saw on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ just a month back.



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