Is this the upcoming Galaxy S7?

8 February, 2016 Samsung

The first believable photos of the back of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 have surfaced. Along with the back image comes rumored specifications for the latest model in the flagship S range of smartphones.

At first glance, the image certainly looks accurate rather than a Photoshop mockup designed to fool interested observers. Just like rumors about the camera bump has previously suggested, there is no noticeable bump at the back where the camera lens is situated. This will please people who dislike this aspect of the S phone design.

The frame of the revealed phone is said to have a magnesium metal frame, unlike the aluminum frame of its predecessor.

The Samsung Exynos chipset included with the S7 is expected to be an upgraded version with a 15% improvement to CPU and GP performance. A Qualcomm Snapdragon variant is also expected to have similar specifications. DAC high-end audio, namely the ESS Sabre 9018, is thought to be included in both variants and matches the audio in the current LG V10 smartphone.

Battery life is expected to match the previous Samsung Note with a fast charging battery capable of going from zero to 80% in half an hour. Some degree of water resistance is a possibility too. The camera, without the bump, is thought to use a 12-megapixel Britecell sensor on the rear offering an f/1.8 aperture.

The expected release date is March 18, with both variants being previewed on March 3



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