It looks like another Netflix price hike could be coming

4 October, 2023 Web Tech

It looks like another Netflix price hike could be coming


It didn't feel too long ago that Netflix increased the prices of their subscription, but now it looks like customers should prepare themselves for another round of increases. This is according to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal who claims that the price hike could be coming in the next few months.


The report claims that Netflix plans to increase the prices of its subscription service in the coming months following the end of the Hollywood actors strike, which is expected to take place in the coming weeks. The price hike will affect markets such as the US and Canada first before it reaches other markets around the world.


Unfortunately, the report does not mention how much we can expect in terms of a price increase, but based on past price hikes, we're probably looking at around $1-$2.


Streaming platforms like Netflix have raised their prices over the years and while no one is a fan of having to pay more, it's to be expected. Given the fierce competition in the streaming space these days, companies have to invest more in original and exclusive content to keep their customers interested, so price hikes are a given.


For those who aren't that keen on having to pay more, you could always opt for Netflix's ad-supported tier which is a cheaper alternative but it comes at the cost of having to put up with ads.


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