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JBL's Tour Pro 2 miniature earbuds accompanies a touchscreen on its charging case

31 August, 2022 Wearables


Most evident remote earbuds nowadays all sort of appear to be identical, with the primary distinctions being its sound quality and battery duration, yet it seems as though JBL is pushing the limits of plan with its most recent sets of mini earbuds, the JBL Tour Pro 2.


The genuine earbuds themselves don't look all that changed, yet one of the primary changes we're seeing is to the charging case in which JBL has incorporated a touchscreen into it. With this touchscreen show, clients will actually want to see more definite data about their tiny earbuds like its battery rate, as well as get calls, messages, get warnings from their phone, and furthermore control music playback.



Looking at the situation objectively, this is similar to a smartwatch, then again, actually it's implanted into the charging instance of the mini earbuds itself. It seems similar to a curiosity, however not really in a not so great kind of way and it likewise puts forth the charging defense much more practical other than being a spot to store your earbuds when not being used.


Concerning the miniature earbuds themselves, they will include dynamic commotion crossing out and highlight new 10mm drivers, a huge move forward from the past model which had 6.8mm drivers. It additionally includes Bluetooth 5.3 and will flaunt 10 hours battery duration for each utilization, and as long as 40 hours in all out when joined with the charging case.


The JBL Tour Pro 2 earbuds will be estimated at €249/£220 and are simply expected to be delivered in January 2023.


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