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Leak reveals that ordering your Galaxy Ring will be a snap if you know one piece of personal info


A post from Hall of Fame leaker Evan Blass reveals that Samsung will offer consumers two different ways to order the Galaxy Ring. If you know your ring size, you will be able to order the new wearable (which will be available in nine different sizes) by choosing your ring size and ordering the device. The leak, which appears to show the official ordering process that will appear on the Samsung website, then says, "You'll get your Galaxy Ring delivered right away, in general process."


If you don't know your ring size, the aforementioned two steps turn into four. First, you will order the Galaxy Ring using the 'I don't know my size' option. Samsung will ship you a Sizing Kit. Samsung adds that its sample rings are based on U.S. standard sizing. You'll use these sample rings to determine your ring size. Next, confirm your ring size on the 'My Order' page. You'll get an email that will confirm your ring size. The last step says, "Your best-fit Galaxy Ring will be finally delivered!"


Leak reveals that ordering your Galaxy Ring will be a snap if you know one piece of personal info


If you're planning on purchasing a Galaxy Ring, you might want to have your ring size determined in advance so you can avoid waiting for Samsung to ship you its Sizing Kit. The Galaxy Ring will be unveiled during Samsung's second Unpacked event of the year which will be held in Paris on July 10th. The Summer Olympics will begin in Paris a little more than two weeks later and Samsung has some promotional deals related to the "Summer Games."


Samsung is expected to produce an initial batch of 400,000 Galaxy Rings with sensors tracking the user's health and fitness readings which will appear on a paired smartphone display. Users should be able to get an ECG reading from the ring that will determine whether their heart rhythm is abnormal. It will also measure the user's heart rate, blood oxygen level, track his sleep, and more. The Galaxy Ring will probably track its users' daily calorie consumption and certain activities.


It might not replace the smartwatch but the smart ring could be another wearable tool that becomes a life saver. The latest rumor calls for the Galaxy Ring to cost somewhere in the range of $300-$350 with a monthly subscription fee required that would be under $10. Samsung's mobile chief TM Roh said back in February that the wearable will be able to get five to nine days out of a single charge. That impressive battery life could be the result of the Ring not having any display to drive.

Nothing Teases ChatGPT Arrival for its Audio Products


A while back, the launch of the Nothing Ear (a) was accompanied by a big announcement from the company teasing ChatGPT support for its phones and audio gear, which proved to be a big hit among fans. With that said, the company promised that the feature will make its way to more of its products via future updates, and it looks like this will be happening soon.


Nothing's official Twitter/X page posted an update on the upcoming ChatGPT support for its many Ear models, which reads:


ChatGPT on-the-go. Alongside Ear and Ear (a), our ChatGPT integration is coming to all of our audio products: Ear (1), Ear (stick), Ear (2), CMF Buds, CMF Neckband Pro, and CMF Buds Pro. Update your Nothing X app on May 21st.



In other recent ChatGPT news, Open AI recently demoed its new ChatGPT-4o AI - the company says that the new version will be faster than before and will offer improvements over existing text, voice, and vision related features. It's also available to all users, including folks on the free plan, albeit with some usage limits.


With all that said, Nothing fans can soon look forward to direct AI access in their ears within this month.

Beats' Newest Wireless Headphones are Here

Beats recently unveiled its latest wireless earbuds and headphones, the Solo Buds and Beats Solo 4. With that in mind, the Apple-owned music brand promises a ton of new improvements and features with the new launch.


First up are the Beats Solo Buds, which are priced starting at $79. The earbuds feature a custom design that delivers powerful audio in a compact size. The earbuds come with special nozzles and laser-cut vents for enhanced sound quality and comfort during extended listening, and passive noise isolation to block out external noise. They also come with up to 18 hours of battery life, ideal for plane trips and commutes.

Beats' Newest Wireless Headphones are Here

Meanwhile, the Beats Solo 4 takes the top spot in the Solo headphone lineup, priced at $199. The new headphones come with upgraded acoustics and custom drivers, which work in tandem with Spatial Audio for a more immersive listening experience. The new headphones also come with a 3.5mm jack and USB-C connectivity for wired listening sessions.


Beats' Newest Wireless Headphones are Here


Battery life likewise gets a major boost with the Solo 4, offering up to 50 hours of playback on a single charge. Users can also plug in their headphones for just 10 minutes and get up to 5 hours of playtime, making it perfect for on-the-go moments.

OnePlus Announces a New Edition of the OnePlus Watch 2


OnePlus recently announced that it will be launching an exclusive new edition of its flagship smartwatch model, which it calls the OnePlus Watch 2 Nordic Blue edition. The new special color variant is designed for European markets, and draws inspiration from classic timepieces. Priced starting at £329 / €379, it's currently exclusive for European and UK markets, and adds a bit of flair to the otherwise plain-looking design on its siblings.


This includes a new hybrid leather strap, which combines fluororubber and genuine leather design accents for a more classy look and feel, in addition to a unique-looking two-tone blue GMT dial not found on the other OnePlus Watch 2 variants. It does make for a much-welcome does of variety though, in case you want something other than the original two models launched a while back.


OnePlus Announces a New Edition of the OnePlus Watch 2


With all that said, the new color edition comes with all of the same hardware specifications as on the other variants - this includes a 1.43-inch AMOLED touch screen, IP68 dust and water protection, Snapdragon W5 chip, 2GB of RAM and 32GB ROM, as well as the secondary BES 2700 MCU Efficiency chipset.


As for price, buyers in the United Kingdom and EU regions can grab the OnePlus Watch 2 Nordic Blue edition for £329 / €379.

Nothing's Upcoming Earbuds Revealed in Leaks


While Nothing's upcoming wireless earbuds are still officially behind wraps, it looks like fans now have a good idea of what to expect (at least visually) once the company formally unveils its new products. More specifically, a set of leaked images show the new Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a) designs, leaving nothing (pun somewhat intended) to the imagination.


Posting on twitter/X, tech tipster Ishan Agarwal shared several images of both earbuds. Based on the posts, it looks like the Nothing Ear will succeed the Nothing Ear (2), although interestingly enough it doesn't bear "3" in its name, at least at the moment. As for the design, it does resemble the first two Nothing Ear flagship earbuds, especially with the design and square charging case.


Nothing's Upcoming Earbuds Revealed in Leaks


Meanwhile, the Nothing Ear (a) is expected to slot into Nothing's budget accessory lineup, as evidenced by the "a" branding. The leaked photo shows three different variants, one of which sports a yellow palette, which is a look previously unseen in older Nothing products. The a-model earbuds also come in a slightly smaller charging case.


Nothing's Upcoming Earbuds Revealed in Leaks


As for hardware, not much is known about the new Nothing Ear model, although it's predicted that the Ear (a) might feature 45dB ANC, Dual connection, quick charging, up to 8 hours battery life and IP54 rating.

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