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The ViXion01 could be a useful wearable for people struggling to focus their eyes


A lot of us with non-impaired vision probably take for granted that we have relatively no issues with seeing things. However, there are many things that can affect eyesight. This includes medical issues or simply by getting older.


For those who might be struggling with their vision, namely when it comes to focusing on things, Hoya-spinoff ViXion might have something for you. The company has announced the ViXion01 at CES 2024. This is a wearable headset that can automatically focus on objects that you are looking at.


This is thanks to the use of a front-facing time-of-flight sensor. This sensor measures the distance of the object and can adjust the lens of the ViXion01 automatically. The company does caution that the ViXion01 is not intended to be a medical device. It should also not be used for activities such as driving.


Instead, we imagine that it would probably be more useful for simple day-to-day tasks, like if you're watching the TV, or if you're reading a book, or just working or lounging about at home. It's actually a pretty cool concept and the best part is that the company plans to sell them.


Pre-orders for the ViXion01 are live in Japan for 99,000 yen and it is expected to start shipping out in February.

The OnePlus Buds 3 have been officially announced


We've been hearing rumors that one of the things that OnePlus was planning to announce this year would be a new pair of earbuds, and sure enough they have. The company has officially taken the wraps off their latest true wireless earbuds in the form of the OnePlus Buds 3.


According to the official specs, the OnePlus Buds 3 will come with a dual driver design and offer active noise cancelation of up to 49dB. They also boast a built-in 3 mic system that can adapt the noise cancelation levels based on your surroundings, and there is a 58mAh battery with a charging/carrying case with a 520mAh battery.


There is also support for IP55, which means that it is dust and water-resistant to a certain degree, so if you're looking for a pair of earbuds that you can use at the gym or while on a run or cycling, then these could be a great choice. Last but not least is the price where they are being sold for about $65.


Right now, the OnePlus Buds 3 are only available in China. It is unclear if there are plans to see a global launch, but if you're not in any rush, they could be worth waiting for especially given how affordable they are.

Apple Pulls Select Watch Models from its Stores Following Patent Dispute


A while back, a patent dispute between Apple and medical hardware manufacturer Masimo resulted in a decision being awarded in favor of Masimo. A ruling made in October by the US International Trade Commission shows that Apple was in violation of Masimo's pulse oximeter patent which uses light-based technology in order to measure blood-oxygen levels.


Following this, Apple has finally decided to remove the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 from its US website, after an appeal from the company to pause the ban was denied by the International Trade Commission. At the moment, a Presidential veto is the only way to undo this decision.


Buyers only have until December 23 to get the aforementioned models via Apple's physical retail stores, as the company will no longer sell them on the 24th of December. Meanwhile, existing stock via third-party retailers will continue to be sold until stocks run out.


On one hand, Apple Watch models (like the SE) that don't come with the disputed hardware will continue to be sold, although folks looking for a bit more in the specs department will no doubt prefer the more premium models, in which case they might want to grab the Series 9 or Ultra 2 before they disappear from store shelves.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 is now one step closer to launch


We've been hearing a bit about the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 for a while now. If you're interested in the wearable, then you might be interested to learn that it was recently spotted at the Bluetooth SIG database which means that we are now one step closer to seeing it launch.


Keep in mind that the previous rumors did suggest a 2024 launch, and while we are still in 2023, there's a good chance it won't make it by the end of the year. Samsung hasn't confirmed the launch date yet, but it could either debut at CES 2024, or maybe even during the Galaxy S24's launch which is rumored to take place on the 17th of January, 2024.


As for its specs and features, the Galaxy Fit 3 is rumored to sport a 1.1-inch AMOLED display with a higher resolution, offering users an upgrade over the Galaxy Fit 2. There is no word on what other features we can expect, but if you're the type that prefers fitness trackers over a smartwatch, this could be something to watch out for.


Also, another thing to note, the rumors have suggested that the price of the Galaxy Fit 3 will be more than its predecessor, about twice the price. It will still be somewhat relatively affordable compared to a smartwatch, but this new price suggests that it isn't really the same budget offering as the Galaxy Fit 2.

The Vivo Watch 3 Finally goes Live with a New Custom OS


The smart wearable market has seen a lot of expansion in the past couple of years, at least in terms of popularity - more and more manufacturers have continued to join the wave of newer and more capable devices, and Vivo's latest entry seeks to do just that. Dubbed the "vivo Watch 3," Vivo's new smartwatch comes with its own set of tricks up its sleeve.


Perhaps one of the biggest features is the operating system that ships inside the watch - the Vivo Watch 3 comes with BlueOS, a custom wearable platform designed by Vivo. It features its own exclusive set of apps and software services, as well as its own app store. There's also "Jovi" assistant on board, Vivo's own smart voice assistant.


The Vivo Watch 3 Finally goes Live with a New Custom OS


In terms of design, the Vivo Watch 3 comes with a round look that's reminiscent of most smart wearables on the market, and it comes with two physical buttons on the side consisting of an action button and a crown-style button for navigation. The watch packs a 500 mAh battery that Vivo says can last up to 16 days, although you'd have to use the watch as a standalone device without Bluetooth connectivity enabled. Otherwise, this endurance goes down to around a week's worth of use.


The device also comes with the usual set of hardware and software features designed to keep an eye on users' health, including SPO2 and heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, as well as a variety of different exercise modes. The watch is priced at around $150 for the base model which comes with Bluetooth-only connectivity, although there's an e-Sim variant which costs around $200.

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