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Garmin unveils brand new solar-powered smartwatches


One of the points of contention with smartwatches has less to do with functionality, but the fact that they need to be charged. Some models might need charging on a daily basis, while others might last a couple of weeks, but ultimately this still pales in comparison to traditional watches that can last for years.


That being said, if battery is a huge priority to you when it comes to wearables, Garmin's got a couple of new models you might be interested in. The company has recently taken the wraps off a couple of brand new smartwatches - the Fenix 7 Pro and Epix 2 Pro. While there are now two new models, they do share at least one similarity in that they both have support for solar charging.



What this means is that if you find yourself constantly outdoors, you can rely on solar energy to help boost the overall battery life of your smartwatch. As far as general battery life is concerned, the Epix 2 Pro is said to be capable of going up to 16 days in smartwatch mode, while the Fenix 7 Pro is rated at a whopping 22 days.


As for their specs and features, here's where it gets a bit interesting. Both models are actually kind of similar to each other, with the main difference being in their displays. The Epix 2 Pro will feature an AMOLED display, while the Fenix 7 Pro uses a Memory-In-Pixel display which is more energy-efficient, which might explain why it lasts longer too.


Both watches will also come with brand new optical heart rate sensors, and there is also a flashlight mode, strobe lighting for when you're running at night, along with shaded-relief maps, weather overlays, and more. If you're keen on picking up either model, the Garmin Fenix 7 Pro is priced starting at $800 for the 42mm model, while the Epix 2 Pro will retail for $900 for the 42mm model.

The Samsung One UI Watch 5 beta has been deferred


Recently, Samsung reported the following significant update for its smartwatches as One UI Watch 5. The organization likewise referenced that they were going for the gold beta send off around the same time, yet that will never again be occurring, tragically.


In a post on the Samsung People group gatherings in Korea, Samsung's beta tasks supervisor has uncovered that the arrival of the beta has been deferred. There is no notice of when the beta is supposed to carry out, however for the present proprietors of the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 should pause.


The Samsung One UI Watch 5 beta has been deferred


It hazy is the purpose for the postponement of the beta, however apparently it is because of the likelihood that Samsung simply wasn't prepared and that they are as yet dealing with it before they consider the beta to be prepared for the general population. That being said, we guess it's similarly as well. Betas are generally loaded with bugs and highlights that could conceivably work accurately.


This implies that except if you're a no-nonsense Galaxy Watch fan and can hardly sit tight for the full open delivery, odds are the postponement of the beta presumably won't make any difference a lot to you. Samsung hasn't affirmed when the update is supposed to be completely carried out to people in general, so we'll simply need to watch out for an authority declaration.

Samsung could Return to a "Classic" Plan for its Next Smartwatch


Samsung's Galaxy Watch gadget series has without a doubt been one of the more well known Wear operating system choices available, because of a mix of consistent programming usefulness joined with a smooth plan. The item range has seen a lot of progress in plan in the previous year notwithstanding, particularly with respect to the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which highlighted an alternate way to deal with style contrasted with the Watch 4 Classic and prior models.


It seems as though Samsung is hoping to switch around things once more, in any case - new spilled item delivers from the people over at MySmartPrice and OnLeaks show that Samsung's next premium smartwatch variation could incline towards a natural plan, one that we saw on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. In the event that these holes validate, we could by and by be blessed to receive a turning bezel plan on the Galaxy Watch 6.


Samsung could Return to a "Classic" Plan for its Next Smartwatch


The holes adds that the Galaxy Watch 6 will hold the "Classic" marking, and will be one of two Samsung wearables to be uncovered for this present year at Samsung Unloaded. It's likewise supposed that the Watch 6 Classic will accompany a 1.47-inch show with a 470 x 470 pixel goal, and a 425 mAh battery.


The more seasoned plan was prominent for involving a turning bezel for UI route, which vanished on the Watch 5 series. All things considered, Samsung utilized a "computerized" contact based bezel for its ongoing premium wearable, which has been a disputed matter for certain fans and clients.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is getting an improvement in accessibility


A significant number of us likely underestimate the things we do on an everyday premise. Be that as it may, there are a few clients who may be living with specific inabilities and could find utilizing essential devices like their phones undeniably more enthusiastically than we do.


Therefore producers and designers must consider different accessibility includes that will make it simpler for a portion of their clients to utilize their gadgets.


Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is getting an improvement in accessibility


To commend the Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Samsung has reported that they will give an update to the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro that will make it more straightforward for the individuals who may hard of hear. This update will see enhancements made to the earbuds Surrounding Sound component.


As per Samsung, a portion of the enhancements incorporate more clear hearing, where clients will actually want to choose from extra degrees of intensification, carrying the all out to five degrees of customization. This implies that clients will have more choices with regards to the sound levels to find one that will permit them to utilize the earbuds easily.


There will likewise be tweak settings which permits the change of volumes for each earbud to redo the Encompassing Sound tone territory, going from delicate to clear. To wrap things up, Samsung will likewise present better sound clearness through Adjust Surrounding Sound that will permit clients to more readily alter the lucidity in their miniature earbuds to suit their requirements.


This update is supposed to show up before long, so watch out for it assuming you imagine that these are highlights that could be valuable to you.

Your Samsung Watch can Before long Caution You of Irregular Heart Rhythms


There's no question that Samsung's galaxy Watch 5 series is the organization's most component stuffed wearable to date, furnishing clients with convenient highlights for wellness and wellbeing following. In light of that, Samsung has as of late reported another component as Sporadic Heart Beat Warning (IHRN), which will show up for upheld gadgets soon.


Once empowered, IHRN will work couple with the Samsung Wellbeing Screen Application's ECG capability, and will actually want to proactively screen and caution clients should their heart rhythms give indications of atrial fibrillation. This is especially helpful in situations where AFib cases probably won't give prompt side effects or cautioning indications.


Your Samsung Watch can Before long Caution You of Irregular Heart Rhythms


As per Hon Pak, VP and Top of the Computerized Wellbeing Group, MX Business at Samsung Gadgets:


"This is yet another example of how Samsung prioritizes proactive safety solutions and enables users to receive a more holistic understanding of their cardiovascular and overall health."


The element should be actuated in the Samsung Wellbeing Screen application, and will check for sporadic heart rhythms utilizing the watch's BioActive Sensor. In the event that a specific number of back to back estimations are unpredictable, the gadget will send the client a warning of potential AFib action.


The IHRN will be accessible when One UI 5 Watch drops for viable Samsung gadgets, and will later carry out to past models.

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