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Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 could have better battery life


Ever since Samsung made the switch to Wear OS instead of Tizen for its wearables, battery life has taken quite a hit. The company did try to make up for it in the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, but for some reason went back to a smaller battery in the Galaxy Watch 6. That could change with the Galaxy Watch 7 series where it could launch with better battery life.


According to a report from Galaxy Club, the Galaxy Watch 7 could see an increase in battery life over its predecessor. Apparently it will come with the same battery capacity as the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. For context, the Watch 5 Pro has a 590mAh battery, whereas the Watch 6 series has a 425mAh battery.


We're not sure if this will result in the same amount of use time as the Watch 5 Pro. The Galaxy Watch 7 could launch in three variants where we might see the return of a Pro model. The use of a newer chipset could potentially result in more efficient energy use, thus extending its battery life even further.


Recent rumors are also claiming that Samsung could boost the memory of the watch. It could go from 16GB of storage to 32GB. This isn't a lot, but for those who download a lot of music and apps, it could be a welcome upgrade. The Galaxy Watch 7 series won't be launching anytime soon. Samsung could host a Galaxy Unpacked event this July so maybe we'll see the watches announced then.

The Honor Band 9 Boasts Premium Looks and Two Weeks of Battery Life


Honor recently announced that it was launching its newest wearable - the Honor Band 9 - for select markets worldwide. Priced at £50 (or around 60-70 bucks in the US), Honor's new budget wearable packs a sleek-looking design with premium stylings, in addition to a commendable set of fitness-tracking features.


Honor didn't hold back in giving the Band 9 a fancy look and feel, and while it is made out of plastic it is designed to with a glossy metallic finish, in addition to a 1.57-inch AMOLED touchscreen which is bright enough for outdoor viewing. The Honor Band 9 also features a quick-release strap mechanism that allows users to customize their watch band.


The Honor Band 9 Boasts Premium Looks and Two Weeks of Battery Life


The Band 9 also comes with around 96 workout modes consisting of everything from track and field sports to dance, water sports and ball games, in addition to all-day health monitoring including heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, sleep quality, stress levels, and menstrual cycles. The device runs on a custom operating system, although unlike a fully-fledged platform like Wear OS for example, it can't install third-party apps.


This entire setup runs on a 180mAh battery that Honor says can last up to 14 days on a single charge. The wearable also supports magnetic charging, a much-welcome convenience at this price. It's available in Purple, Blue and Black color variants.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 could launch in three different variants


Last year when Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch 6 series, it was available in two variants - the base model and the Classic. But for this year's Galaxy Watch 7, the latest rumors are claiming that Samsung could actually launch three different models of the smartwatch.


Apparently there will be a Classic model, a Pro model, and then an additional model, which could be just the base model. It's actually interesting because for the Galaxy Watch 5 series, Samsung launched the base model and a Pro model. So with the Galaxy Watch 7, if the rumors are accurate, Samsung could bring the full lineup.



If that's the case, there will be plenty of options to choose from. There is another rumor, this time from @TheGalox_ on X where they claim that the Exynos W940 chipset will power the new wearables. It is said that the Exynos W940 will be more efficient, about 50% so, and 30% faster than its predecessor.


This means that users can look forward to a better-performing smartwatch with improved battery life. The Galaxy Watch 7 is expected to launch later this year, possibly alongside Samsung's new foldables. Take this with a grain of salt for now, but hopefully we'll have more information later this year.

We Might Get a Larger Pixel Watch Model Soon


While the Pixel Watch wearables are some of the most impressive Wear OS devices that we've seen so far, they are a bit limited in terms of size, with users stuck to a single 1.2-inch/41mm screen size - this goes for both the Pixel Watch and the Watch 2, which practically comes with the same design.


It seems that Google might be working on a larger model, though - according to the folks over at 9to5Google, a source says that the company is working on two different sizes for the Pixel Watch 3, with the larger one measuring 45mm. If true, then this would be a much-welcome option for users with larger wrists. As for the smaller one, it's predicted that Google might stick to a 41mm size variant.


We Might Get a Larger Pixel Watch Model Soon


Additionally, it's rumored that Google might launch a Pixel Buds Pro 2, as a follow-up to the first Pixel Buds Pros that were launched a couple of years back. In any case, it's very likely that we might see the new products announced at Google IO this year (or teased at the very least), which is where the company usually showcases its latest and upcoming hardware.

The New Oppo Watch X Looks Awfully Familiar


While OnePlus has more than made up for its smartwatch shortcomings with the new and vastly-improved OnePlus Watch 2, its sister brand Oppo recently announced a new addition to its pre-existing smart wearable lineup, in the form of the new Oppo Watch X, which runs on Wear OS and boasts a premium design.


If you're wondering why the device looks familiar, that's because it's mostly the OnePlus Watch 2, albeit rebranded for a different market. The device was first spotted on OnePlus' Malaysian website, and carries a lot of the same hardware specs, including the design, display, down to the Snapdragon chipset inside the watch.


The New Oppo Watch X Looks Awfully Familiar


In case you're not too familiar with the OnePlus Watch 2's specs, the device comes with a a 1.43-inch AMOLED touch screen surrounded by a stainless steel chassis with an IP68 and 5ATM rating. Inside is the Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 chip, backed by a secondary BES 2700 MCU Efficiency chipset that allows it to run a Wear OS hybrid interface.


Going back to the Oppo Watch X, the device is priced at around $295-300 when converted, although regional availability hasn't been specified yet.

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