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LG introduce an 18" flexible OLED that you can Roll it [Photos]

10 July, 2014 Technology

LG Flex


Imagine that you can take your TV screen display and roll it into a tube to take it with you anywhere... Well, LG can Flexible technology can allow you to do this now. LG has already revealed an 18" Flexible OLED TV display which is flexible enough to be treated like a paper-roll. The Korean company promises a 60" flexible screens in the near future.


LG Flexible 18"


The 18" prototype unit that LG is currently testing carries a resolution of 1,200 x 810. It gets its improved contortionist skills from the polyamide film that's been stuck to the back of the display (as opposed to plastic, which is the norm). This affords the screen a greater degree of flexibility in addition to a slimmer waistline.


LG Flexible 18"


LG is already planning on rolling out these displays on actualy TV sets sometime in 2017, No price info released yet.





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