Live Image of the Galaxy Note 8 Leaked?

8 April, 2017 Samsung

According to a leaked image produced by GizmoChina, you could be looking at the Galaxy Note 8 right now! We admit that it is still too early for live images but here it is nonetheless. That being said, it is more than likely to be a fake than the real thing. I mean the Galaxy S8 and the S8+ isn't even out officially and Samsung already has an assembled prototype of the Galaxy Note 8? That does sound a bit farfetched.

It is quite possible that we are looking at the Galaxy S8+ with simply an S-pen kept beside it to make it seem like the Note 8, but the phone seems a bit more squarish, as well as wider than the S8+ though. Then again, in this age of photo editing software, that is not saying much to begin with! Also, note that the design looks quite similar to the first leaked render that we looked at in details yesterday. If it is the Galaxy Note 8 by some very off chance, then let's just hope that it has the dual camera setup which the S8+ was supposed to and a better place for the fingerprint scanner.

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