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Ludo For The Modern World

21 September, 2022 Gaming

Ludo For The Modern World


Ludo is one of the most widely played games. While it originated as a board game, today it can be played on websites and apps. These new methods are far more entertaining and convenient than the traditional board game. That said, you can even win cash prizes on becoming the winner. To play such games you can download the app using ludo real money apk and start playing!


In addition to being convenient and easy, people all over the world can play ludo together in different chat rooms and also chat with each other. All this adds to the fun and makes the game appealing.



Ludo has been played since time immemorial and it is difficult to trace the origins of the game. However, the earliest findings of this game are carvings on caves. These caves are named Ajanta and Ellora and located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Additionally, it has also been mentioned in the Indian mythological story of Mahabharata. All this evidence has led to the assumption that Ludo originated in India.


Origin of the name ‘Ludo'

In India, ludo was originally named as ‘Pachisi'. It was later during the British era in India. Alfred Collier made a few modifications in the game and registered a patent for it in the UK. He named it -The Royal Ludo and is even today commonly used. This name is also adopted by the online game community.


Ludo across the world

While it was named as Pachisi, Chopadi or Chausar in India as it spread to the world, the name kept changing and also the game was modified to suit their needs. For instance, the British included dice and cup to the game and named it ludo. Later, it was known as ‘Uckers' by their Royal Navy.


In Spain it became famous as ‘Parcheesi' while the Chinese called it ‘ChatushPada' meaning four cloths. In Africa it is known as ‘Ludu'.


How to play ludo online?

You can start playing ludo at any age if you are interested in doing so. However, make sure to select reputed websites to play the game. Most of the websites offer tutorials for people to help them understand how to play ludo online. You can go through the tutorial carefully and follow the instructions for best results. Once you start practicing the game you will stand better chances of winning games in the future. To play and win cash prizes, you can download an app using ludo real money app apk.


Referral scheme

Most of the game websites allow you to earn by referring other participants. Usually, referral codes are available for other participants which can be shared via WhatsApp, SMS and more. So, every time a participant joins a cash contest, you get a chance to earn a bonus. However, do note that schemes will vary from one website to another or one app to another.


Attractive skins

Players can make an attractive background by choosing from different skins for their Ludo games. Each skin comes with unique effects and movements in the game making it more interesting. Some websites have different skins than others.


Security is a must

Like most websites that need you to enter your personal details, ludo game websites and even a few ludo apps ask for your personal details. This information must be secure and not shared with third-party websites. Additionally, today most websites and apps allow you to earn big money by playing ludo online. So, it is imperative that your information is not shared with any other websites. We recommend you choose only reputed gaming companies to play. Choose the company and download the ludo app.


Quality time with loved ones

While you can play a solo game, it also allows you to play with a group of people together. This way you get to spend quality time with each other. However, make sure you don't get addicted to any of the online games you play.



Online games have been played for several years now. However, the COVID-19 pandemic pushed people to stay indoors and find ways to keep themselves engaged and online games gained more importance. So, what's keeping you waiting? Download the ludo game app and start playing and winning cash prizes right away!


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